Crypto marketing: Creative promotion plans for your young project

Crypto marketing: Creative promotion plans for your young project
Crypto marketing: Creative promotion plans for your young project. Image source: Pixabay

Due to the popularity of blockchain technology, multiple crypto projects have emerged. By June 2020, there were over 5000 blockchain startups. You can only appear from this crowded market if you’ve got a creative crypto marketing plan. A crypto marketing strategy helps your prospective investors to know about your business and the value they would enjoy if they chose it. Here, we explore the main marketing strategies to boost your crypto startup.

Content creation

Many people lack information that can help them make informed crypto investment decisions. A content creation strategy can help readers understand more about your project and why it’s important to choose. Remember, a valuable crypto project is supposed to resolve specific challenges in the market. So, through informative content, you’ll inform your audience about the challenges your project will resolve.

When crafting a content strategy, you should consider various things, such as your target audience, search engine optimization, and the channels to post the content. Remember, your audiences have different needs. So, it’s critical to craft diverse content ranging from educational to technical pieces.

For many people, crafting articles can be a daunting task. If you lack ideas on content creation as a crypto marketing strategy, it’s advisable to hire an experienced crypto marketing agency to help you.

Guest posting

Part of your crypto marketing tactic is to look for renowned publishers and platforms that can accept your crypto pieces. You can write educational articles that offer helpful information about blockchain technology through this crypto marketing plan. Besides boosting your credibility, guest posting offers your project the necessary exposure.

Social media

Most crypto investors are found on social media platforms. Any crypto marketing strategy should utilize social media to create a blockchain community for the project. The best technique for engaging your social media crypto community is to share educational and compelling content. You should also share timely updates and milestones about your project. Some of the social media platforms to create social media pages include:

  • Discord: initially created for gamers to engage during playing, Discord is now a niche channel for crypto enthusiasts. An experienced crypto agency can utilize the platform to create a community for your project. Discord is an interactive channel that provides sufficient information and lets members participate in crypto-related conversations.
  • Reddit: According to Alexa, Reddit is the 7th most liked platform in the US. It’s an enormous collection of groups, allowing people to share news and articles. The platform lets participants comment on posts of members. The stringent policies and appealing subreddit features pull people interested in crypto promotion and blockchain technology. Popular names in the crypto field hang out on social media platforms.
  • Twitter: With big names in the crypto industry residing on Twitter, any serious company offering crypto marketing services recognizes the platform’s importance. Some of the blockchain’s thought leaders to find on Twitter include Anthony Pompliano, Neeraj Agrawal, and Joe Weisenthal.
  • Telegram: This platform is the best for crypto community building. Telegram’s privacy features are heavy-duty to protect users from social media trolls.
  • Medium: The objective of Medium is to offer long-form educational articles on blockchain technology. Here, potential investors can learn many things concerning blockchain technology.

Hire a crypto marketing agency

You may find it overwhelming to juggle the various tasks of your project. Instead, you should hire a crypto marketing agency to assist you. These companies offer various crypto marketing services that can boost the visibility of the project in the target market. At the moment, multiple crypto marketing companies exist in the market. So, before picking a specific firm, ensure that it has the experience and knowledge of providing top-notch marketing solutions.

Reputation Management

Brand reputation determines the perception that potential clients have for your business. As your business expands, you may encounter challenges that may create wrong signals to the market.  If you lack a PR strategy, your business may not move forward.

Thus, it would help if you had a strategy of managing clients’ perceptions when they receive negative information about your brand. You should aim to remove the adverse perceptions and portray your brand as an authority in your field.

Reputation management can be a challenging task that requires the expertise of a crypto marketing company. Such a company knows how to quickly get rid of the negative perceptions that the market may have about your brand.

Website development

Creating a professional website is an integral aspect of your crypto marketing strategy. Your project’s website should come before you launch your project. It should be simple to navigate and contain relevant information. To help investors learn more about your project, you should upload your project’s whitepaper to the website. Before downloading the whitepaper, the potential investors need to share their email addresses for further follow-ups.

‘Building a website is a crucial first step for any marketing campaign, and no social media page can take its place. To build a startup’s credibility, especially one about blockchain, a company needs a portal with all the important details.’

Source: Forbes


Bounty Campaigns

Crypto bounties are incentives offered to individuals upon completing specific tasks related to the blockchain project. Various participants can benefit from a bounty campaign. Key among them include investors, developers, and the project’s promoters. The rewards campaign rewards come in cash or free/discounted virtual currencies.

Bounties differ depending on the phase of your ICO process. Bug bounties are issued at the initial stage to incentivize developers to discover bugs and other design issues.

Once the ICO goes live, bounties are given to translators to ensure that the project reaches the global communities. Translators help turn the project’s documents into the specific language that a target community uses.


A common crypto marketing tactic entails sending free tokens to people’s wallets. This crypto marketing plan is essential for crypto startups that want to incentivize potential investors. You can also use this approach when you want to grow your community.


Audio communication is a popular way of spreading the word about your crypto project. You can reach a wider community and offer more information about your crypto offerings through this technique. Audio content currently has a huge positive impact in creating awareness and influencing potential investors’ decisions to buy your offerings.


As many projects emerge in the blockchain scene, crypto marketing has become a central aspect of any business. As crypto marketing can be challenging for beginners, we’ve shared juicy tricks and tips that can enable you to approach the market with confidence.