Blockchain Based Building Platform BitRent Announces Token Sale

Blockchain Based Building Platform BitRent Announces Token Sale

Blockchain platform BitRent has announced its token sale with 40% Bonus during ICO pre-sale.

Construction processes are mostly monitored manually. It slows down the processes and increases the working costs. Blockchain platform Bitrent came with a solution for this problem: the usage of modules and structures chipping to control construction processes in real time. Bitrent offers users to control their construction processes and reduce costs of investing in shared-equity construction.

BitRent’s mission is to make real estate investing easy, transparent and profitable worldwide. BitRent uses a combination of techniques that allows its users to control construction processes. These techniques include BIM open modeling and computer aided monitoring using RFID chips, to make investing in commercial and residential shared-equity construction transparent and predictable. Here investors can invest in real estate, without a minimum entry threshold. The online mode allows them to control construction processes and receive dividends when the construction has been completed. Users can receive data on free area or items of commercial property.

The Building Information Modeling technology allows all BitRent users to monitor a project at any stage. The technology collects information on the architecture, engineering, technology and economics of the construction. A 3D model is accessible on a smartphone. Investors can already check on a construction from the very first sketches onwards and decide if a building will be profitable. BIM technology will prevent investors of making bad investments.

smart contract is an algorithm that is self-executed and self-governing. Smart contracts can control both the construction flow and return on investments. It will make sure that all investors will receive dividends when the construction is finished.

BitRent seeks finance though ICO crowdfunding. The platform releases its RNT tokens, based on Ethereum. The token sale will start on the 1st of December 2017, 11:00 UTC and will last till March 1, 2018. With the RNT tokens, you can participate in activities on the platform. 1 billion tokens will be issued, 699 million will be for sale on the ICO.

During the pre-sale, which starts on November 24th at 11:00 UTC, 200 million tokens will already be released. 100 million tokens are reserved within BitRent and will not be on sale. During the pre-sale, purchase of tokens is only possible with ETH. At the ICO stage, BTC is also accepted. The minimum purchase price will be 0.01 ETH.