Binance Defies Market Trends; Soars Past the 200M User Mark!

Binance has crossed – 200 million registered users worldwide
Binance has crossed – 200 million registered users worldwide

Binance has crossed – 200 million registered users worldwide! This feat signals not only the enduring trust and loyalty that users have in us, but also the very positive and optimistic momentum of global cryptocurrency adoption.

Richard Teng, CEO of Binance says, “We are deeply honored and humbled to have welcomed 200 million registered users and counting on Binance. This achievement is an embodiment of the trust that the crypto community and industry players continue to have in the Binance ecosystem. We do not take this trust lightly – as a user-focused platform, we remain committed to prioritizing and catering to the needs of our ever growing user base.

This milestone isn’t merely a triumph for Binance. It’s also a sign of robust growth and maturity for the broader crypto sector. The swift growth Binance experienced from 100 million to 200 million users in just 2 years and 2 months, despite challenging market conditions, signals an industry-wide shift. It reflects a transition from ‘early adopters’ of crypto to the ‘early majority,’ indicating that more and more of the global population are warming up to crypto and its limitless possibilities.

Moving forward, our focus at Binance remains on spearheading initiatives that promote financial inclusion and innovation. As the industry gears up to our common goal of attracting 1 billion users, Binance’s steadfast dedication to fostering sustainable growth within the crypto space becomes more resolute. This industry evolution is a thrilling journey, and we are grateful to be leading the way.”

Other Binance Statistics

Registered users globally:

  • Binance has gained 30M+ users year-to-date.
    In December 2023, we were at 170M users and now we’ve crossed the 200M users milestone.
    On average, Binance adds 150K new users each day.

Customer assets:

  • Our customer assets, which are publicly available and disclosed through our Proof of Reserves, have increased by US$42B year-to-date.
  • This growth means that we now hold double the assets of our next largest competitor.
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