Extensive overhaul gives Hotel Centurion a new lease on life

Extensive overhaul gives Hotel Centurion a new lease on life
ANEW Hotel Centurion

ANEW Hotels & Resorts has brought the more than 20-year-old hotel back to life with a complete transformation and will be re-introducing it as ANEW Hotel Centurion from July. Updated with modern furnishings, a fresh coat of paint, and luxurious personal touches, the new and improved Hotel Centurion juxtaposes older elements with a modern, fresh, clean, and edgy twist.

Says ANEW CEO, Clinton Armour: “We wanted to give the old Centurion Hotel a new lease on life while still retaining its architectural integrity, authenticity, and charm. For that, we needed to bring in the experts, with interior designer Caroline Wright doing an incredible job at reviving the hotel. On top of some gorgeous cosmetic changes, we also fitted the hotel with new lifts, new air-conditioning and new lighting, while we completely revamped public spaces like the reception area, lounge bar, dining room, and deck.

“A lot of thought and care were put into updating this classic hotel. We tried to use as much of the existing good furniture as possible, which is the right way to do things from an environmental and sustainable point of view. We also gave the hotel a more modern, minimalist look and feel, and the result is a contemporary, stylish and sophisticated space that everybody will love. It’s understated luxury all the way.”

Urban chic hotel in the city

According to Wright, the focus of the make-over was to use what they had and make changes to suit a more modern and contemporary theme. “It was a matter of finding all the right fabrics, which would work with an old scheme. As such, we went with an urban chic feel with some personal touches and décor elements to really home in on the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

“The exterior of the hotel was also given a soft make-over. We added 300 string lights to the outdoor patio area, creating a warm, convivial and festive atmosphere that draws guests in. The gardens were also extensively revamped. We’ve gone indigenous where we could, which definitely helped improve the area.”

Project Manager Walter Dhooge highlights the importance of upgrading the hotel’s lighting, which is now all LED. “We’ve tried to be as energy-efficient as we could in an old building. We used only modern and contemporary lighting, and it’s changed the face of the hotel’s interior. Everything is on dimmers, creating a nice, welcoming mood that really comes into its own in the evenings, and the hotel’s personality takes a different format. Under the glow of the lights, different seating areas can be created, accommodating various guest needs. We wanted something fresh, chic, and welcoming, and we’ve achieved that.”

In addition to the lightning, the hotel floors and ceilings of all public spaces have also been redone, with new luxury wood-look vinyl tiling and new carpets throughout. This, along with fresh coats of paint in modern colours, has basically transformed the hotel. Hotel rooms and suites also enjoyed a soft refurbishment, with new lighting, recoloured walls, different fabrics, and beautiful personal touches. Says Wright: “We’ve repurposed the furniture to be more modern and redone all the lighting. Hotel rooms are multi-purpose spaces and should allow for work and relaxation. So, we’ve ensured that our rooms cater for both those instances.”

Well-positioned for business and leisure

ANEW Hotel Centurion is one of Centurion’s most prominent city hotels and, as such, conferencing remains a big focus. The team worked hard to create various stylish accents in the lounges and dining rooms to bring in the sophisticated business offering expected at conference hotels. Guests will find intimate spaces where they can break away with eight people as well as facilities for larger groups.

“We’ve created a hotel where guests can have it all – a great conference or business meeting, followed by a bottle of wine and dinner or a beer on the deck outside during the summer months. We’ve put up workstations in the main dining area, all decked out with plugs and USB points for added convenience. We’re in the business of keeping guests happy throughout the day. There is now no reason to leave the hotel,” says Dhooge.

Located in Centurion, the hotel is well positioned for business and leisure. “We’re right next to Centurion Mall and close to the train station. It’s an up-and-coming node with a lot of potential, and we’re perfectly positioned for growth in this node. We also boast a new staff complement. We hand-picked a phenomenal team whose passion and enthusiasm are evident the moment you enter the hotel. We’re really excited to reopen and re-introduce ANEW Hotel Centurion to local and international guests,” Armour concludes.