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Front National being ‘hacked’ – Facebook page removed

Front National was attacked by cyber hackers yesterday and the Facebook page of the party was closed without explanation. We have already contacted Facebook...

Burglar tried to stab a woman repeatedly with a knife

A young woman from Centurion probably saved her mother's life when she pulled a burglar aside. The burglar tried to stab the older woman...
Ladies robbed at knife point

Ladies robbed at knife-point, police let suspects go

Bassett Alarms received a call from a resident in Rheazicht Street in Ridgeworth on March 6, 2015. Two ladies had been robbed by two...

Check credentials of security officer and company before making use of...

During the early hours of March 5, 2015 the Drift Reaction cc control centre received a burglar alarm signal from a Hole in One...

Man killed in Durban hijacking

A 48-year-old man was killed during a hijacking on March 4, 2015 in Durban. Maj. Thulani Zwane, police spokesperson from KwaZulu-Natal, confirmed to Maroela Media...
Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Dikgang Moseneke

ANC government of the New South Africa one huge pyramid scheme

It is a pity that ordinary people should so often understand the symbolism of Iustitiae better than the exponents of justice. All over the...

Marli van Breda now knows what happened

Marli van Breda, the young survivor of the De Zalze axe-killings, knows her parents and elder brother are "in heaven". In a statement issued yesterday...

‘Heroes’ save mom and five year old daughter from hijackers

Two alleged hijackers were arrested on February 24, 2015 in Pretoria after attempting to hijack a vehicle with a woman and her five year...
Louis-John Botha

Limpopo farmer murdered on his farm

Police are investigating a case of murder after the body of Louis-John Botha (64) was found on March 2, 2015 in a water pit...

Couple attacked on their Free State farm

Ronald Nel (66) and his wife Ciska were attacked on their farm on February 26, 2015 in Virginia in the Free State. Sgt. Mamello Mokhuoane,...
White South Africans tortured

2000 of 2500 whites attacked/murdered by blacks were tortured

As reported on the website more than 2500 violent attacks by blacks against whites in their homes occurred from January 1, 2010 up...
Philip Keet

Farmer overpowered and kidnapped on his farm

Philip Keet, a farmer from Potgietersrus, Limpopo, was rescued from the clutches of a group of robbers, several minutes after being overpowered and kidnapped...
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