Woven Bark Studios transforms corporate engagement in South Africa

Woven Bark Studios transforms corporate engagement in South Africa
Woven Bark Studios

Johannesburg, 24 October 2023: In an era where employee burnout is rife and on the rise, Woven Bark is trailblazing a new path with its Route to Recognition programme designed to foster team camaraderie, cultural solidarity, and individual motivation within organisations. Route to Recognition focuses on providing ongoing, meaningful interactions that go beyond the ordinary, creating a culture of appreciation and empowerment.

Each customised Route to Recognition programme makes appreciation an integral part of the organisational fabric, boosting morale and creating an environment where individuals feel seen, heard, and appreciated. This sense of belonging fuels a positive feedback loop – as employees feel valued, they are more likely to invest even more in their work.

Empowering engagement, elevating excellence

Extensive research has shown that consistent gestures of appreciation lead to a thriving, motivated workforce:

  • Business teams with highly engaged employees have a 59% lower turnover rate than those with less engaged staff.
  • Highly engaged teams are 17% more productive.
  • Businesses with highly engaged workers have a 6% higher profit margin.
  • Engaged employee teams experience 10% higher customer reviews.

“We know, and the science says, that employee engagement is the route to rise, the route to improved wellness, the route to staying power and joy. But employee recognition is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous journey towards a thriving, motivated workforce,” states Michelle Smith, Founder of Woven Bark Studios. “Our commitment is to provide ongoing, meaningful interactions that go beyond the ordinary, creating a culture of appreciation and empowerment that opens the door to improved performance and inspiring each team member to unlock their full potential.”

The Route to Recognition is a commitment to enhancing the well-being of South African employees, one meaningful gesture at a time. “We live in a young, vibrant South Africa, where change is the cultural constant, and peer recognition is an industry differentiator.  That’s why we’re not just crafting experiences; we’re shaping a movement towards a more engaged, connected, and empowered workforce,” says Lee-Ann Hendry, Woven Bark’s Operations Manager.

Memorable end-of-year experiences that bring teams back strong

There’s no need to wait until the beginning of a new year to start focusing with intention on employee and customer engagement; the end of the year presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate the successes of 2023 and leave people invigorated and ready to conquer the challenges of the coming year. Route to Recognition programmes can start at any time in the year, including the holiday season.

Memorable year-end experiences are more than just celebrations; they’re opportunities to foster a sense of belonging, unity, and motivation within your organisation. By curating bespoke year-end experiences, companies can give staff and customers a year-end experience that will leave them feeling inspired to start the new year with increased cohesion and elevated morale.

Redefining how businesses engage and recognise their employees and customers

Since its inception in 2005, Woven Bark Studios has proudly provided extraordinary gifts and experiences to blue-chip clients. With a commitment to excellence and integrity, the company has become a trusted partner for organisations seeking innovative approaches to recognition and engagement.

Alongside employee and customer engagement, Woven Bark Studios is dedicated to making a difference through:

  • Women empowerment: Collaboration with woman-focused initiatives like Lionesses of Africa, supporting female suppliers and women-led businesses.
  • Cultural value: Facilitating cultural understanding through storytelling and shared experiences.
  • Local empowerment: Directly uplifting local suppliers, supporting SMEs, and community projects.

Join the Route to Recognition

Wellness starts with being seen. Woven Bark Studios is on a mission to impact the lives of one million South African employees by 2025. The Route to Recognition program is tailored to make appreciation an integral part of your company’s identity, boosting morale and creating an environment where every individual feels valued. On the Route to Recognition, your team will experience monthly encounters and receive tailored, personalised gifts so that recognition, reward, and engagement unite to transform your organisation.


About Woven Bark Studios

Woven Bark Studios is not just a gifting business; it is a curator of lasting connections, a cultivator of empowerment, and an ambassador of culture. With a mission to redefine corporate experiences, Woven Bark Studios believes in conscious-connected gifting that builds relationships and lingers long after the event is over. The company is proudly women-led, dedicated to women’s empowerment, and committed to supporting local businesses and artisans.

Partner with Woven Bark for a fulfilling new fiscal offering of ongoing recognition for your clients and colleagues in our Route to Recognition initiative.

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