Why Starbucks Logo and Branding is Appealing to Millennials

Image Source: flickr.com
Image Source: flickr.com

Starbucks has over 20, 000 stores in 60 countries and 40 percent of its customers are millennials. This shows that the efforts of this strategic company to win the loyalty this young generation is bearing fruit. This company knows the value of its logo and branding and invests in them heavily to appeal to the millennial generation. Starbucks logo and its branding are appealing to these individuals for several reasons.

The Choice of an Alluring Logo

The Siren logo that has been the face of Starbucks since is one of the company’s major game-changer. The lady’s eyes on the logo command a warn confidence and her hair ripples laps peacefully of her breasts denoting harmony. Furthermore, the log’s circular shape represents the notions of timelessness, original perfection, eternity, and totality. The blue color also creates a sense of security, professionalism, and loyalty. These qualities of Starbucks logo are quite attractive to Millennials as they see themselves as the hope of future generations and value freshness. You can check specialized websites like Logo Realm to find out more about the Starbucks logo meaning and other interesting details.

Delivery of Quality Products

Millennials want value for their money. Majority of them are well informed given their ability to access information from a wide variety of sources, including the Internet. They only buy high-quality premium brands after thoroughly validating their credentials. Starbucks understands this and delivers high-quality products. This way, the company has succeeded to keep true to its word and won the trust of millions of Millennials.

Proper Use of Social Media

Starbucks has a strong online presence and uses social media to engage its audience and listen to them. The company’s Instagram account has over two million followers, and millennials are tagging the company in their posts every day. Starbucks also gets online reviews from its trusted customers. These reviews are like free advertisements. As such, the use of social media has created the right platform for the company to speak the language that the millennial generation understands best and, in the process, promote its brand.

Active Involvement in Social Responsibility

Active involvement in charity has helped Starbucks to brand itself as a caring member of the community. Companies that embrace the golden rule appeal to Millennial buyers as they consider it better to be part of something bigger than themselves. Whenever these buyers purchase the company’s products, they convince themselves that the money will somehow trickle down to the less fortunate members of their community.

Studies have established that at least 60 percent of members of the millennial generation feel this way. Because of the strong desire to make a difference, about 90 percent of them will only purchase brands that are involved in some social corporate responsibility initiatives. As such, by being involved in giving back, Starbucks helps the community and also attracts more Millennials to partner with it.

Offering Valuable Rewards

Millennials want to feel their contribution to the success of any company is worth it. Starbucks has created a rewards program to engage these individuals and keep them coming back. Credible research shows that more than 70 percent of Millennials will always come back to a brand that values them. Starbucks rewards these customers for participating in its reward programs. But for millennials to participate any these programs, their purchases must be accounted for on the Starbuck app. By using this brand promotion approach, the company gets millennials to participate in the programs to, eventually, become its customers.

The reemergence of Face-to-Face Meetings

With the emergence of digital technology, lots of interactions are taking place online. However, face-to-face meetings have been becoming less and less as days go by. It’s possible to transact with a company overseas without ever having to meet to discuss the price or modalities of shipping your purchase. In this respect, technology has brought about great convenience. The problem, nevertheless, is that most millennials value video streaming and consider it the best way to communicate.

About 87 percent of millennials prefer this mode of communication to any other. Starbucks is a highly digitalized company, but it has devised ways to ensure these customers get what they want. The company has created a culture that makes Millennials feel part of the Starbucks family. Its members of staff are required to give these clients special attention and encourage face-to-face talks. This company has also invested in advanced technology to ensure quality video streaming.


Starbucks knows that Millennials are already making major changes in the way organizations operate. As their population continues to increase, companies that ignore their impact will likely close. For that matter, Starbucks is using its logo and branding to appeal to this critical market segment, and the efforts have helped the company to continue expanding despite the current increase of competition in the global market. As such, you can also be competitive if you by assess the effectiveness of your log and branding and make the necessary adjustments.