Why Pop Up Displays Should Be Unique

Why Pop Up Displays Should Be Unique

Brand recall is the most important part of any promotional activity by a company. Only when individuals keep the impression of a brand in their mind for a considerable amount of time do they turn into potential customers. The relevance of the content on display plays a major role in positive recall, for which the company has to make use of different tools such as pop up banners, outdoor banners, tensioned stands, and exhibition stands. It may seem a bit strange, but the use of proper display items always plays a major role in brand recall.

Benefits of exhibitions stand and pop up banners

  • Stored easily– Pop up banners and exhibition displays are available with their own trolley cases, making them very easy to store
  • Transported easily– Once the display panels and the stand are put into trolley cases, they can be taken to any location
  • Very durable– Media printed on the display stand is highly scratch resistant, which means that it is durable and can be added or removed several times
  • Set it up easily– Pop up banners get their names since they suddenly spring to the front. You will not have any trouble while setting them up in any event.
  • Highly affordable– In comparison to TV and newspaper ads, trade press magazines, the radio, and other similar channels, this medium of advertising is the most affordable. You can also use the same branding messages repeatedly on pop up banners, unlike other media.

Advantages of using pop up displays

These are two sided display systems through which you can showcase visually appealing and high quality graphics. You can use them at venues where portable backdrops with height restrictions can be installed. Every pop up display can be used more than once, and here are its advantages:

  • Create the best possible impression in a limited space
  • Organize a welcoming environment for visitors to your stall in a trade show
  • Information about the company or brands can be written clearly on them, which will help address many questions
  • These are ideal for creating a professional look and feel for your company exhibits
  • Investment in a high quality pop up banner stand will give you tremendous value over time

How exhibitions can help your brand

Most brands have enormously benefited from participating in exhibitions around the world. It is important for your company to find exhibition stand display which can create a powerful impact. Here are the ways in which exhibitions such as trade shows can help your company:   

  1. Credibility to the brand– Any brand becomes trustworthy after being featured in an exhibition, where other big brands are also present. People will start associating your brand with values such as trust and integrity. Through an efficient sales team you can capitalize on the gained trust and strengthen your brand more.
  2. Exposure to the brand– Several media houses are present at an exhibition, which automatically means that your brand will get tremendous exposure. It helps build awareness among members of the audience. This is, in fact, an excellent way of increasing brand recall.
  3. Platform for audience interactions– No marketing strategy can be considered above one-to-one customer interaction. It allows you to easily demonstrate your product to the target group.
  4. Introduction of new products– Exhibitions serve as excellent forums for new product launches. Not only can new products be launched, but even older ones can be refurbished and introduced here.
  5. Allows damage control– If there has been a lot of negative publicity about your products or services, an exhibition serves as a great forum to address this issue. You should address target groups direction in the direction of your exhibition stands.

Know your audience attention span

Your decision on using the banners of exhibition stands would be greatly dependent on the short attention spans of your target audience. Since a large percentage of the audience is below 40 years of age, you will need to tweak your promotional activities accordingly. In such a case, you will usually get a maximum of 6 seconds to form an impression, for which suitable displays have to be set up.  The attention spans of such audiences are very small, and promotional content needs to be written or designed in a suitable manner.

All promotional activities have to be centered on building strength in a brand, while bringing out its USP. Therefore, branding messages have to be suitably expressed to attract both customers and investors.

There may be a number of companies that provide these agents of display, but you must take your time looking at different companies; do not jump at the first one that appears to be the most attractive. A look at the available variety will help you better understand whether the company in front is cut out to meet your professional needs or not. Body of work plays an important role in making this decision.