What we do today ensures growth tomorrow

This year’s campaign was built around three important points that differentiate Nexia SAB&T from other firms; its global relevance through Nexia International, local presence with offices in all 9 provinces of South Africa and a dedication to our clients that builds on the new brand proposition, namely that of being ‘Closer to you, from the Ground Up’.

‘Closer to you, from the Ground Up’ strongly resonates with the history of our firm, which was established by two entrepreneurs 24 years ago, and has grown to be one of the 10 largest accounting practices in South Africa. Just growing the Nexia SAB&T business has not been an achievement enough for us, as such we continually look to find ways to demonstrate to our clients and the communities we come from how we can serve them in a manner that is closer to them and assists them from the ground up.

The idea for the campaign was as a result of having identified GIBS as a strategic partner as we were exploring the idea of aligning our brand with one that is world renowned for its professionalism and focus on people development. We felt there were a lot of synergies because Nexia SAB&T is a firm that invests in our people throughout their careers. GIBS having seen that we shared similar values offered us the opportunity to get involved with the  Bambanani Car Wash and consider taking them on as our Enterprise Development beneficiaries.

Nexia SAB&T having over the years been directly involved in the upliftment of entrepreneurs decided that this would be a perfect fit for us and so on the 1st May 2018 we embarked on a campaign to provide the young entrepreneurs with eco-friendly car washing machines fully equipped with detergents and cleaning materials. We also provided clothing and branding which increased their visibility to the GIBS students and will continue to assist with mentorship and guidance over the next 2yrs. The goal being that at the end of our agreement we have been able to provide the entrepreneur with market linkages and support to ensure business sustainability. These young entrepreneurs will be better equipped to branch out and continue to provide a world class service having been coached and capacitated by us.

Nexia SAB&T recognises the importance of partnerships between educational institutions and employers and the use of resources of both the private and public sector drivers in deepening and transforming the economy. WE continue to strive towards our goal of inclusive economic growth and development, and to contribute fundamentally in reducing unemployment and poverty in line with the National Development Plan (NDP), the New Growth Path (NGP).

We believe that in order to get ahead, the South African economy is in urgent need of more entrepreneurs to boost growth, foster innovation, and aid in job creation. The reality is that much more must be done to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to truly flourish. Nexia SAB&T is committed to being a major driver towards this change as we understand that countries with high rates of entrepreneurial success need to have effective support structures from private and public sectors as well as established mentorship programmes for both aspirant and current entrepreneurs.

Further information about the campaign can be found on the campaign’s website at www.fromthegroundup.co.za. Further information about Nexia SAB&T can be found on their website at www.nexia-sabt.co.za.