What kind of items is good for a silent auction?

What kind of items is good for a silent auction?
What kind of items is good for a silent auction? Image source: Pixabay

Silent auctions are those that take place without an auctioneer. Instead, people place their offers on sheets of paper. They are often used by charitable associations to raise funds, but they can be difficult to organize. However, with good planning it is easy to make an auction and get the maximum benefit from the objects you are going to sell. Very soon you will have collected a good amount of money in just a few hours.

Most stores and restaurants will be happy to donate items for a silent auction. For this silent auction platform is good option. All you have to do is ask. Remember, the worst thing a manager or owner can say is “no”. Items donated in a silent auction are tax deductible for these companies and a useful way to create notice for their businesses. Rich participants who see these items at auction will recognize the moral contribution of any business in their organization. In addition, hot dishes for the auction can create business for these companies, offering participants and losses.

Be creative with the elements of the silent auction. We offer packages of spas, restaurants, cinemas and sporting events. Items such as clothing, paintings and furniture are more good ideas for a silent auction. Also consider auction items that relate to the cause of your organization, for example, a non-profit theater company that offers season passes for their shows.


Create a luxurious party atmosphere for your guests. It is likely that customers are asked to pay a kind of donation to attend the event. Be sure to offer a hit for your money, regardless of the fact that the objects take auction house. A bar is essential, just like eating with your fingers. In addition, you may want to plan a dinner for your guests, during which you can share information about your organization and how and why guest donations are useful. An auction event is a perfect time to create community advocates for your organization.


The auction should be pleasant and easy for the customers. Create spreadsheets to make an offer for each item with a description of what is included and a base bid price. Include bid increases as well. Be sure to make columns on each sheet of bidders’ names, contact information and offer quantity. As the auction progresses, be sure to periodically announce the remaining time of the offer, so that customers are not caught by surprise. Half the fun is the strategy of an auction to bid on the items that people really want. Time not only announcements to create suspense, but keep your guests informed their bid strategies.

Create a campaign

A master of ceremonies at a silent auction is a must. Before Auction Start, have your presenter introduce key elements. Create a package for you to use with information on a broad cross-section of the elements. The presenter can use it as a reference during the opening of the offers and, as he announces the remaining time. Also keep track of the hottest spots, once bid open, and your presenter will playfully refer to the race tender during the time announcements. Respectful comedy is the key: do not hire someone that you think would be disrespectful to your guests.

Give thanks and recognition to those who have bought or sold. If you have volunteers on your email contact list, send them a thank you message and tell them how successful the event was. Contact the newspaper columnists or radio disc jockeys who have promoted your event to thank them and tell them that the event was a success. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper thanking the people who collaborated.

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