What is the future YOU want for South Africa in 2023?

What is the future YOU want for South Africa in 2023?
Marketing and Sales Consultant to Citizen Leader Lab, Justin Foxton

Citizen Leader Lab, one of South Africa’s leading NPOs, calls on Transformation Managers to join a relaxed yet critical, year-end conversation on how to maximise the social impact of their B-BBEE spend in 2023.

Taking place virtually on Thursday, 8 December at 2pm, this important conversation will explore how partnering with Citizen Leader Lab can help companies of all sizes maximise their B-BBEE spend to develop leaders who can deliver a better future for our country.

At a time when, as a nation, we are focused on the issue of leadership and the power that quality leadership has, to create deep socio-economic change, this conversation is coming at vital time. Citizen Leader Lab is uniquely placed to host this conversation. It is an NPO with an enviable leadership development track record, it boasts level 1 B-BBEE status and is a Public Benefit Organisation with a 12-year history of proven impact in the education sector.

’At Citizen leader lab, we are passionate about developing conscious leaders who build social cohesion, uplift communities and work towards achieving a just society. We believe that carefully considered B-BBEE investments made by companies who really care about the country’s future, can be a highly effective mechanism to achieve this,’’ said Marketing and Sales Consultant to Citizen Leader Lab, Justin Foxton.

Foxton added: ‘’We urge all Transformation Managers across South Africa to join the conversation to learn more about how our fast and efficient team can help them not only meet their B-BBEE score-card requirements, but actively support deep social change across South Africa. We are passionate about the power of B-BBEE and this conversation will be a springboard to engage meaningfully with like-minded citizens who we can partner with, to create #TheFutureWeWant for our country.’’


Date: Thursday, 8 December 2022

Time: 2pm

Platform: Zoom.com

RSVP: https://tinyurl.com/53rdsm3m

Cost: Free

 For more information, visit www.Citizenleaderlab.org

Citizen Leader Lab is a leadership development and support organisation that offer a variety of programmes and workshops that support the upliftment of under-resourced communities and large-scale social change in South Africa.

The NPO’s Partners for Possibility programme is a 12-month, award-winning leadership development programme that partners school principals and business leaders in a co-learning and co-acting partnership with the aim of creating a school eco-system that supports quality teaching and learning.