We are doing it again! Master Mechanic Season 2 – Coming in Nov 2022

We are doing it again! Master Mechanic Season 2 – Coming in Nov 2022
Massey Ferguson Master Mechanic challenge

Bigger tractors, bigger challenges, bigger everything

Following the huge success of the world-first Massey Ferguson Master Mechanic challenge in November 2021, the reality show returns on 18 November in an even bigger and better format. “Season 1 of the world’s first tractor-based reality show was an incredibly successful journey that was wonderful to share with the world,” says Dr. Dominik Reus, Managing Director Africa, AGCO. Since airing the show a year ago, AGCO Africa had great feedback from all over the world. It had highlighted a previously underrated job yet such a critical role in the industry – the technician.

Once again, three teams of two will battle it out for a grand prize of R100 000. Not only that, the cherry on top of the cake for the winning team is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit and train at the Massey Ferguson Beauvais factory in France where the MF high horsepower tractors are manufactured.

The Massey Ferguson Master Mechanic Season 2 will focus on built-in technology in MF high horsepower tractors and demonstrate how farmers can utilise the technology and features to their full potential, which indirectly benefits their bottom line. Last but by no means least, Massey Ferguson offers world-class technical training to its technicians, hence the confidence to showcase the capabilities and expertise of MF high horsepower technicians countrywide.

Massey Ferguson is proud of its brand and the machines it designs and manufactures. Like all machines, they need to be cared for and maintained. This means highly skilled, intelligent people are required who can problem solve, diagnose faults and repair its world-leading tractors.

To the Massey Ferguson family, it is more than just a tractor. The Massey Ferguson tractors are some of the most sophisticated machines in the world. This is the brand that farmers have trusted for over 175 years. Season 2 focuses on the pride of Massey Ferguson – the high horsepower tractors.

Master Mechanic Season 2 features super-sized challenges to showcase the highly motivated and trained technicians throughout the country. It provides a unique glimpse into the technicians’ world of fixing tractors, who not only swing spanners and travel to amazing and different places but use their intellect in conjunction with world-leading technology.

The show highlights that a technician’s life has changed in recent times with the advent of computers and the internet. Being an MF technician is filled with adventure, continually learning and opportunities to travel to unique places. It has now become something special to talk about with your friends around the braai, family and people you come across in your life.

Master Mechanic Season 2 will release on 18 November on MF Master Mechanic YouTube and Facebook channels. All episodes will be available at once for viewers to binge watch.

Master Mechanic is designed and filmed in such a way that anyone can understand and also some special items for those ‘seasoned’ technicians to enjoy – it is filled with all the emotions, drama and suspense that one would expect from a world-class reality show.

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