Top 10 Animated Typefaces to Use in Your Startup Video

Top 10 Animated Typefaces to Use in Your Startup Video
Top 10 Animated Typefaces to Use in Your Startup Video

What is Animated Typeface (Font) ?

Animated typefaces, also go by the name of typography animations, text animation or even kinetic typography, are basically the animation of typefaces or texts in a variety of styles. Animated typeface is one of the most sought-after styles for start-up videos, 3D animation, explainer videos, promotional videos, logo animation and even banner ads.

Why are they so popular?

As there are tons of typefaces out there, text animation has given animators and designers endless possibilities to showcase a brand name, to deliver a powerful message, to promote a product in a punchy way or even a cool music video.

Animated typeface gives more weight to the message that a video is trying to deliver as the texts are being emphasized through animation. It can evoke emotions among viewers. When the texts are being emphasized, it also helps to create a deeper connection with the viewers, leaving a more long-lasting impact.

The good news is that you can buy pre-made animated fonts to use in your animation projects. This saves video producers time and money significantly.

Today, we’ve handpicked a list of 10 animated typefaces that are worth viewing to inspire and use in your next project. Here goes the list:

Boomerang Mono Typeface


This geometric style animated typeface is a show-stopper. Watch how the letters and numbers are being assembled through punchy animation of geometric shapes in a vibrant blend of colors.



Top 10 Animated Typefaces to Use in Your Startup Video

This is a high impact condensed typeface suitable for headlines and titles, all controlled using a slider. Starting from a rectangular shape, it morphs into a letter in a smooth and seamless way. It is easy to read, and the bold weight makes it perfect to deliver messages in any size.


Cursive fonts are revealed in a smooth way using Autofill Plugin. Whether it’s the title reveal of a fairy tale movie, or a modern day reality TV series, there are tons of possibilities in animating cursives such as ink effects, tron effects and so on.



Just as its name suggests, Multicolore is a multi-colored typeface formed by animated splashes. This lively animation is cool for revealing the brand names of products, a website banner or even a logo.


This animated typeface almost resembles the inner workings of a clock, lending an industrious look to the end result. Put together by line-based seamless motion graphics, the wood-like texture of the font gives it a retro and luxurious vibe.

Get Your Guide

The quirky, custom typeface with dashes and wavy lines make it a perfect combination for a travel guide booking site. The animation is playful, adding more fun into the typeface used by the brand.


This soft, beautiful animated typeface in subdued colors was put together by seamless animation giving it an elegant and delicate look.

Animated Balloon Font

Feeling festive? Inflatable tin foil balloon typeface, coupled with other elements like confetti and balloons will surely take you right into a celebratory mood.


What’s more fun than looking at a set of animated typefaces combined with a fresh burst of colors, with bold weight and animated graphics? Each character morphs from a simple rectangle shape to engage your attention.


This animated typeface was brought to life with geometric shapes and line morphing animation. It is fun and minimalistic which makes it suitable for a variety of opening animations.

Some of its features are:

  • All 26 animated letters and number
  • Built entirely with shape layers so is fully customisable
  • Compatible with Characteristic

Some great inspirations for using typeface in animation:

Animated typefaces are also a popular choice for use in animation to make a bold statement as demonstrated in the following animated videos.

Trailer Motion Motion 2018

Stretching fonts, moving letters, gravity effects and many more interesting techniques are used in this typography animation. This amazing work of art is made by the folks at NŌBL studio.

Disillusionment of 10 Point Font

Made by Greg Condon, this award-winning typography animation features a frame by frame technique. It visualizes emotions and specific words using a typewriter. A great piece for inspiration.


This 3D typography based ident shows creativity has no boundaries when it comes to typeface animation. The slow 3D camera movement brings our focus to the typography in a professional manner. This ident was created for Lyskultur, a Norwegian member organisation established in 1936


We hope that with this article, you’ll get more inspired to kickstart your next animated typeface project, whether it is for your new logo reveal, a 3D ident or even an explainer video. Be sure to check out online resources for more updates on the latest trends in animated typefaces. As mentioned, there is no limit when it comes to kinetic typography animation. Oh, and if you made something special, feel free to share with us so we can feature on our blog in the future.