THE VALUE OF UNIQUE Having a unique selling proposition is one thing – creating a company that lives its USP is another

THE VALUE OF UNIQUE Having a unique selling proposition is one thing – creating a company that lives its USP is another
THE VALUE OF UNIQUE Having a unique selling proposition is one thing – creating a company that lives its USP is another

Frank Henderson, Consultant Manager at Amplifin, believes that a unique selling proposition (USP) has to form part of the very fabric of the organisation. It needs to wrap around how employees behave towards clients, how the company approaches service, and every action and interaction within and without the business. It is, he says, critical to creating a culture that shapes itself around the clients and their unique needs.

“A company’s USP differentiates it from the competition,” he explains. “This means it is a multi-layered approach that shapes itself into what the business wants to achieve. For Amplifin, one of the first and most important aspects of this approach is how we aim to understand the intricacies of all our client’s needs. We meet these needs with existing solutions, or we strategise to see how we can adapt our solutions to accommodate these needs.”

Steven Maier, Chief Brand Officer at Amplifin, adds: “As a debit order, card payment, Point of Sale, and enhanced services solution provider, it is key that we invest into our technology to ensure it delivers what our clients expect. This means there is a level of flexibility in how we put our technology together. We recognise the value of a consultative approach, which ensures we combine products and client expectations to create a solution that’s well-suited to their businesses.”

The heart of a business is connections with people

Amplifin prioritises face-to-face engagements with existing and potential clients as it allows the Amplifin team to connect with the client and create a solution that truly understands how they work and their unique challenges.

“We dedicate many resources to building a relationship with our clients,” says Janke Botha, Consultant Manager at Amplifin. “This is important as it allows us to go beyond just technology and solutions and instead into a space where we deliver an ecosystem that provides our clients with training, education, and an in-depth understanding of the solution and how they can get the most possible value from their investment.”

Amplifin’s technology is only a part of what it offers. Industry knowledge and compliance requirements, education, training, and personal relationships deliver a cohesive package that differentiates the company.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small your business, we deliver this level of personalised service. It is also a continuous process. We don’t leave a client to navigate the payments world once they’re onboarded. Our consultants regularly visit our clients and keep them up to speed on the latest trends and training, so they always get the most value from their collections and payments through Amplifin,” concludes Botha.

A strategic investment 

While consultative and connected approaches form the backbone of solution development, creating a final product takes multiple factors into consideration. The Amplifin team works with the client to ensure solutions stay within realistic budgets, address pain points and deliver value.

“Price only becomes relevant in the absence of value”, says Norman Kriel, Consultant Manager at Amplifin. “For us, this translates into creating solutions that overcome genuine client pain points in ways that deliver ongoing value and are clearly visible to the client. We are agile and flexible, so we can move and change with our clients, which is a powerful value-add in the current market.”

Amplifin also prioritises ensuring clients remain compliant with relevant regulations and industry standards. It is a commitment to reducing client risks while ensuring the sustainability of the National Payments System, this means every i is dotted, and every t is crossed. This is, says Henderson, more than just compliance; it also focuses on sustainability.

“If we don’t ensure our clients are sustainable, then it is a ticking time bomb for us both – what happens when something goes wrong, or if the regulator needs to get involved?” Maier says. “We have a vested interest in our clients being compliant so they can have faith in us, and their customers can have faith in them. It’s a win-win commitment that benefits every individual and organisation throughout the value chain.”


There is so much more within the Amplifin stable

From bespoke solutions built to align with client expectations through collaboration and connections, Amplifin has built a stable of services and approaches defining a truly comprehensive and engaging USP.

“We would rather walk away from business than not deliver what a client needs,” concludes Maier. “We commit to collaboration and realistic solution implementation so our clients know they can trust us to deliver what they need. The ‘unique’ in our USP is how we prioritise our clients at every point in their journey with us.”