THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE CWDi introduces an innovative virtual events solution

THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE CWDi introduces an innovative virtual events solution
THE SHOW MUST GO ONLINE CWDi introduces an innovative virtual events solution

As businesses and event organisers have had to cancel events amidst what is currently happening globally, CWDi has quickly adapted to the challenge, and to ensure valuable connections are still possible, the team has launched a virtual events solution!

Award-winning brand agency, CWDi, have always made a habit of looking ahead.

Samantha Gabriel, Group Experiences Director of CWDi says “Technology has become such an essential tool to our everyday lives that it is hard to imagine life before it. Events have been using technology to enhance the experience but now is the time to make it the cornerstone of the experience. The key is to master the engagement of audiences and to still retain the humanness of it all. Content is king, beautifully designed presentations are essential and the chat functionality and facilitation will be the what take the experience from good to great.

“A virtual event is a multi-session online event allowing people to interact in a virtual environment – allowing connection of audiences from next door to across the globe. The solution being offered means corporate conferences can still go ahead, activations can be moved online, launches and more can go on.

“We are thinking ahead and believe that virtual events will become an essential part of corporate marketing strategies as they not only offer flexibility and convenience but also highly interactive.”

CWDi’s virtual events offering includes but is not limited to:


  • Online RSVP system and management.
  • Design and distribution of:
  • Save the date.
  • Invitations.
  • Reminders.
  • Aide Memoire.
  • Virtual conference packs.


  • Pre-event campaigns.
  • Presentation design.
  • Conference collateral packs.
  • Design and building of event App.

Live event

  • Online registration.
  • Livestream to a custom webpage platform.
  • Agenda, speaker profiles.
  • Polls, Q & A and chat functions.


  • CPD point certificate issuing.
  • Hugh quality production:
  • Multiple cameras.
  • Integrated presentations.
  • Customisable backdrop or built stage
  • Interactivity and gamification.
  • Motivational/Futurist/Political speakers
  • Virtual lunch.
  • Digital photomosaic.
  • Virtual gifts.


  • Digital ‘Thank You’ mailer.
  • Survey form


  • Post-event engagement.
  • Events report.
  • Summary pack with video highlights of the conference.
  • Post-event networking site.


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Notes to the editor

CWDi is an award-winning brand agency, specialising in brand experiences that connect people.  The company has its roots in collaboration and entrepreneurship, with Colourworks and Designers Ink merging in 2019 to form one creative powerhouse, dedicated to solving business challenges with creative solutions.

CWDi is 52% black women owned company that operates from offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, working with clients throughout Africa and across the globe. United in the common goal of bringing big ideas to life, the organisation is able to do more together than ever before, delivering quality work that is bold, courageous and creative.