Super Glue is a must-have ‘cost saver’ for every household

Super Glue is a must-have ‘cost saver’ for every household
Mark Bell, National Sales & Marketing Manager for Adhesives at Pratley

When your child’s favourite toy breaks or a treasured ornament in your home cracks, you grab the tried-and-trusted Super Glue – a household essential for many years. However, did you know Super Glue can be used for a variety of different repairs?

“Super Glue is the perfect, cost-effective solution to help you save money by repairing rather than replacing broken items in your home,” explains Mark Bell, National Sales & Marketing Manager for Adhesives at Pratley.

Pratley’s highly successful range includes a 4 x 1 g Single Use pack that is quick and easy to use, a 3 g Super Glue Bottle for everyday fixes, a 20 g Industrial Super Glue Bottle for industrial applications and a 3 g Super Glue Gel.

Pratley Super Glue Gel has been introduced due to a demand for a thicker adhesive with gap-filling and non-drip properties that can be applied to vertical surfaces for various applications. Pratley Super Glue Gel can be applied to one surface only with as little as a single drop being sufficient.

It is thixotropic and thus will not drip, making it ideal for vertical repairs. It bonds well to most materials, including metal, wood, costume jewellery, ceramics, most plastics, rubber and even slightly porous surfaces.

“The less Super Glue used the better and quicker the bond. It makes repairs that much more cost-effective,” highlights Bell. Pratley Super Glue Gel is perfect for typical household applications from repairing shoes to adhering false nails.

The 4 x 1g Super Glue single-use tube pack is designed with convenience in mind. You can keep a tube close by for quick emergency repairs like a broken heel, reading spectacle repairs or even to stop runs in stockings. “They are ideal for keeping in your handbag, drawer or car for quick, efficient on-the-go repairs,” explains Bell. This multipurpose, high-performance adhesive bonds in a few seconds.

The Pratley 3 g Super Glue bottle is perfect to keep in your house or workshop. It has a unique self-piercing long nozzle with a safety collar and a built-in stainless-steel pin in the lid to prevent the nozzle from clogging. This allows users to conveniently dispense accurate drops every time. The larger 20 g bottle is ideal for more demanding industrial applications. It also features a long, self-piercing nozzle.

“Not all Super Glues are the same. When it comes to things like strength, shelf-life and long-term reliability of an adhesive bond, it is critical to choose a reputable, high-performance Super Glue. In keeping with our policy statement of producing products that outperform all others, Pratley’s range must meet exceptionally stringent quality requirements,” concludes Bell.

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