Special Effects Media South Africa Launches Female Voices Development Programme

Special Effects Media South Africa Launches Female Voices Development Programme
Special Effects Media South Africa Launches Female Voices Development Programme

Contributing to gender equality in South Africa’s online video space is a definitive goal for licensed YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN), Special Effects Media South Africa who are rolling out the Female Voices Development Programme which aims to produce creator communities that are more diverse, equitable, sustainable and inclusive.

According to Programme Lead and Special Effects Media’s Head of Partner Management and Senior Digital Strategist, Twala Ng’ambi, the reality is that there isn’t sufficient support for digital creators or investment into Africa’s digital economy. The programme, a first of its kind in Africa, will nurture and develop creator talent, especially for female voices.

“The Female Voices Development Programme is a 12-month programme of skills training, mentorship and resource deployment initiative that provides strategy and support for a cohort of creators on YouTube. A key aspect of the programme is for individual creators to set targets over the 12 months that provide a foundation for future growth and the boost they will need to continue to thrive,” says Twala.

According to 2021 Stats SA figures, black African women are the most vulnerable with an unemployment rate of 38,3%. Further disparities reveal that only 31,2% of women occupy managerial positions and that 56,2% are discouraged from joining the workforce.

The programme’s strategy is naturally aligned to the Special Effects Media ethos to nurture Africa’s creative voice through the provision of space, infrastructure, and support for passionate digital entrepreneurs on YouTube.

The overall goal is to double the incomes and diversify the revenue streams of participants over the next 12 months and this, says Danilo Acquisto, Co-Founder, and CEO of Special Effects Media, depends on a self-perpetuation cycle that catalyses growth.

“Our job is to help creators to build more sustainable businesses through an increase in quality audiences on YouTube as well as train them in how to adopt as many of YouTube’s alternative monetisation tools that they can to diversify their revenue streams.

By focusing on the quality of overall content, the result is that improved audiences will attract better quality brand investment which will not only grow those brands, but ultimately the creators and industry,” says Acquisto.

The programme, which commenced in October 2021, will be implemented over seven phases. These include workshops and events, management consulting to support and drive individual entrepreneur business plans, social media training, the provision of studio space, and ongoing technical and production support and whatever mentorship the creators may need to thrive.

Entrepreneurs will also have access to individual PR to grow their personal businesses as well as sales training on how to pitch to brands.

“It is rewarding to work with passionate individual creators and to support them by surrounding them with smart dynamic people to cheer them on. It is also especially gratifying to empower women,” says Ng’ambi.

Special Effects Media is an online video specialist business founded in 2017 that supports and manages YouTube creators. It offers  online video specialist services to brands and agencies, creates video content, owns a studio and provides influencer marketing, consulting, and social media advertising buying. 82% of their staff are female.