South African company providing custom solutions to local and international mines and municipalities

South African company providing custom solutions to local and international mines and municipalities
Troy Mokawem with 1000bar Dump Gun Rotating Nozzles


this South African company is providing custom solutions internationally

Hawk Pumps, a prominent player in high-pressure pumping equipment, embraces crafting tailored products to address unique challenges, and has recently created a range of innovative solutions. From a 1000-bar trailer-mounted pressure washer designed specifically for heavy-duty mining equipment cleaning, to a highly efficient water-powered drill for mining applications, these solutions are being utilised effectively in Africa and globally.

Constant Creativity

Hawk Pumps recently designed and built a large 1000 bar trailer-mounted pressure washer dedicated to the cleaning of heavy-duty mining equipment used in open-cast mines. This machine was purpose-built to the customer’s specific requirements. It is fitted with a dump gun and rotating nozzle.

“This is Hawk Pumps’ third 1000bar pressure washer that we’ve built this year, there seems to be a trend towards higher pressure,” says Troy Mokawem of Hawk Pumps. “I think it really underscores our capability to create tailor-made solutions that address unique industry requirements”.

“We’re seeing this technology grow in popularity across Africa,” says Troy. “We are shipping machines to Zambia, Eritrea, DRC, and others.”

Municipal Drain Cleaning Machines

With all the devastation from the floods some time ago, the need for stormwater drain-cleaning machines, both trailer-mounted and truck-mounted, has become important. When the drains become blocked, the water cannot be properly ducted away resulting in mud slides and undermining of buildings.

Various flows and pressures, according to the pipe diameter, are accommodated in a range of machine sizes. In addition, there is a wide range of accessories and specialty nozzles available to tackle almost any task.

New Innovations in Mining

In the mining sector, Hawk Pump’s special purpose machines have become well recognised. Their innovative approach has led to the collaborative creation of a water jetting machine to move rocks.

By harnessing the power of pressured water, this technology eliminates the need for traditional scrapers and shovels. It offers both substantial cost savings and enhances efficiency and safety in mining operations. The water jetting technology facilitates the moving of rock after blasting at the face, as well as pushing dust and ore particles into chutes, resulting in an increased yield.

While innovation holds promise not just for South Africa but also for the entire African continent in deep mining operations, Hawk Pumps have exported this technology to Australia where it was used in an open cast mine.

Water Drills

Hawk Pumps has also been involved in developing a water powered drill for mining applications. This ingenious solution boasts an impressive 98% efficiency rate, a significant leap from the 15-17% efficiency associated with traditional compressed air drills.

The time required to create holes for explosives using an air drill, which typically took 10-12 minutes per hole, has been drastically reduced to a mere 60-90 seconds with this water drill.

As Hawk Pumps continues to design machines for mining operations, it is helping to make mining on the African continent more efficient and productive.

Standing Tall

“We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering excellence,” says Troy Mokawem. “Our custom-made solutions cater to the unique challenges faced by various industries, from the smallest components to the largest machines. We take immense pride in contributing to the growth and success of industries that are the backbone of our economy.”

Hawk Pumps’ journey from designing massive, specialised machines to improving mining practices with high-pressure solutions, showcases the company’s unwavering commitment to pioneering change across industries. As they continue to refine and expand their offerings, Hawk Pumps is poised to remain a driving force behind advancements that shape the landscape of industries far and wide.

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