Short and long-term Forklift Rental

Short and long-term Forklift Rental
Short and long-term Forklift Rental. Image source: Unsplash

For most companies, success and growth comes from being able to spend their valuable time focusing on their productivity and smooth functionality. Having to worry about forklifts and other material handling equipment ownership, servicing, repairs, breakdowns etc. could prove an unnecessary task not to mention the costs involved. That time could be focused on aspects of the business which bring greater value. First Forklifts is equipped to relieve you of such arduous burdens and allow you to focus on what really matters.

We at First Forklifts provide various forklift rental options. If you are looking for a transparent and reliable forklift hire company in Durban and Pinetown surrounding areas, we are happy to inform you that we are able to assist you in finding a forklift that suits you and your companies’ specific needs – at a highly competitive daily or monthly rental rate. We have a diverse fleet of quality and reliable forklifts and reach trucks ranging from 1.6 to 10T available for short and long-term rentals provided in electric, gas and diesel options.

Simple Forklift Hire Process

Forklift hire doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal anymore thanks to our quick and simple forklift hire process on offer. We aim to make the procedure as quick and easy for you as possible to help you avoid all the usual headaches of forklift hire formalities. Leave it all in our hands, we are here to lighten the load – quite literally.

Short & Long-term Rental

We can assist you for short- and long-term rental, and also assist you in meeting any unexpected or emergency last-minute forklift requirements should you need. To make things even easier, we also arrange transport of the forklift to and from your premises and will arrange drivers for the daily rentals. Whatever we can do to make the process easier on you, just let us know and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.

Why First Forklifts?

With a growing rental fleet in excess of 250 units, First Forklifts has provided a rental forklift hire service to our clients for many years. Based on our extensive experience and observation, we are able to clearly understand the needs and requirements of our clients and can effectively provide an expert opinion and solution tailored to their needs, whilst remaining very competitively priced.

No Hidden Costs

When hiring a forklift from us at First Forklifts, you can rest assured that we have predictable costs, all laid upfront to you, no sneaky hidden costs. We pride ourselves in forklift service excellence, customer centricity, transparency and immaculate turnover time, as we know that time is money – and your time is valuable.

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