She is unstoppable – Didintle Kgasi is taking on big challenges and reaping even bigger rewards

She is unstoppable – Didintle Kgasi is taking on big challenges and reaping even bigger rewards
She is unstoppable - Didintle Kgasi is taking on big challenges and reaping even bigger rewards

With an unwavering drive to do more, learn more and be more, Didintle Kgasi is unstoppable. Having risen rapidly through the ranks at 21st Century, the biggest Remuneration and OD company in South Africa, Didi moved from Intern to Rewards Analyst in just under eight months. Judging by her outlook on life, she is not putting the brakes on her dreams for growth any time soon.

Starting with general admin work, which included doing research for senior employees, Didi had the opportunity to really immerse herself in the remuneration world and all the principles that define it. Realising quickly that this is a landscape that never offers a dull moment, she grabbed on with both hands and took on as much responsibility as possible right from the start. Her sheer tenacity paid off, and these days, she is rising to the challenges of being a Rewards Analyst focussed on Salary Benchmarking for RewardOnline and Inhouse.

Her promotion comes with a whole lot more responsibility than a simple Intern position, but what drives her daily is the exciting and dynamic nature of her work, allowing her to learn as she grows. Although the position comes with a significant degree of accountability, Didi embraces this and uses it as motivation to always better herself. The fact that 21st Century is an organisation solidly built on an ethos of staff recognition also motivates Didi, “It is incredibly motivating when your efforts in an organisation are recognised – it is what really pushes you to want to do more and become more”.

As for being a young woman in this highly pressurised industry, Didi considers herself fortunate to work with a group of strong women who are taking the remuneration space by storm. Using their willingness to share knowledge, underpinned by their constant support of each other, this is truly an environment in which she can thrive, and she plans to eventually branch into other areas aside from salary benchmarking.

The 21st Century company culture is right up Didi’s alley, and although she has her sights firmly set on success, this is also a place where she can take some time to enjoy the fun moments in this close-knit working environment. “My colleagues are really hardworking, but also fun. They are some of the brightest people that I know. I am inspired daily by them”. This daily inspiration has given Didi a tangible goal to become as good an analyst as her managers within the next five years. She knows that the only way to do this is to never stop learning and to take on more and more complex work; proving not only to her managers that she can handle it, but also proving it to her toughest critic – herself.

This incredible young woman’s only fear? “I currently have a fear of facing clients, so that’s one thing that I know only experience and knowledge can cure”. With an attitude like hers, and a willingness to face up to every challenge no matter how daunting, it will be no time before Didi’s growth as an analyst propels her from fear to fierce.

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