Scale your real estate business by hiring a photo editing virtual assistant

Scale your real estate business by hiring a photo editing virtual assistant
Scale your real estate business by hiring a photo editing virtual assistant


High-quality real estate photos are no longer a luxury but a necessity to attract buyers and secure sales. However, producing a steady stream of professional-grade photos can be a significant time investment for busy real estate professionals. This is where hiring a photo editing virtual assistant becomes a more viable solution, allowing you to access professional editing expertise without significant overhead.

Why do you need a virtual assistant for photo editing?

Real estate professionals are constantly juggling a myriad of tasks, from generating leads and maintaining a strong online presence to handling finances and payroll, building client relationships, and so on. Between managing listings, overseeing marketing campaigns, engaging with clients, and staying on top of industry trends, finding the time to edit and enhance property photos can be a challenge. 

Fortunately, a photo editing virtual assistant can offload a significant portion of these responsibilities.

What can a photo editing virtual assistant do for your real estate business?

  • Enhance and edit real estate photos 

A photo editing virtual assistant can retouch real estate photos for better impact. They can adjust brightness, fix perspective distortions, and correct luminance to ensure your photos are clear and well-lit. Additionally, they can straighten tilted photos and crop out distracting elements like furniture placement or messy corners. 

If your property is vacant, they can use specialized software to digitally add furniture and decor. Using photo editing tools, a virtual assistant can remove unwanted objects like power cords, laundry baskets, or personal belongings.

  • Create 3D virtual tours for properties

Nowadays, the trend of online shopping extends far beyond retail goods, even to real estate. In this context, 3D virtual tours are an excellent way to offer immersive site visits. Photo editing virtual assistants have expertise in creating dynamic panoramas with scrolling features to generate a real-life visual experience of a property. Even if you provide a simple slide show of static images, they can generate an interactive representation with videos and movie clips.

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Source: 3DVista
  • Offer invaluable insights 

Photo editing virtual assistants can analyze photos with positive client feedback and high CTRs (click-through rates) to gather insights. This knowledge helps them identify visual styles and effects that garner maximum attention. 

Additionally, they can observe varying trends in photo representation across different real estate platforms such as Realtor, Foreclosure, and Redfin. For instance, they might notice that platforms offering aerial photos of properties are receiving more traffic and engagement. Such insights and observations can help you maximize reach and impact within your target market.

  • Optimize your real estate listings

Virtual assistants can ensure that the photos they edit adhere to a pre-defined template or a style guide. If you provide basic layouts for your listings with placeholders for photos, they can incorporate the edited photos. Moreover, they can also identify key details from the photos that should be mentioned in the written descriptions. While they do not write these descriptions autonomously, some virtual assistants may be experienced in creating captions and descriptions for your listings. 

Benefits of hiring a photo editing virtual assistant for your real estate business

Beyond picture-perfect real estate photos, a photo editing virtual assistant can offer greater help in your business, like:

They enable you to focus on core activities

Delegating time-consuming photo editing tasks to your virtual assistant frees up valuable time to concentrate on other critical aspects of your real estate business, such as lead generation, client communication, and property negotiations.

They facilitate faster listing publication

A photo editing virtual assistant can significantly improve your efficiency. Their ongoing assistance ensures a continuous stream of high-quality real estate photos. This results in faster listing publication, potentially leading to quicker sales and reduced vacancy periods for your properties.

They help create an emotional connection

Virtual staging allows VAs to enhance vacant properties by placing elements that create a sense of home. A well-placed couch, strategically positioned throw pillows, or even a casual dining table setting can all contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. Similarly, you can use sky replacement features to create a brighter and more welcoming mood by transforming a dull, overcast sky into a clear blue one. These details can spark viewers’ imaginations and help them envision themselves in the space. 

They scale your real estate business

A key advantage of hiring a photo editing virtual assistant is the inherent scalability they offer. As your business grows and you take on more clients and properties, you can simply adjust the workload you assign to your VA. This means you can increase the number of photos they edit without incurring the additional costs and complexities of hiring new staff.

Things to consider before you hire photo editing professionals for your real estate business

Selecting the right photo editing virtual assistant requires careful consideration. Here is a list of a few things to consider before making the call. 

Skills and experience

A virtual assistant experienced in the real estate domain can best showcase the property features appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, look for someone with a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to analyze and edit real estate photos. Their portfolio should demonstrate skills in:

  • Lighting and color correction
  • Cropping and straightening
  • Exposure adjustments
  • Virtual staging
  • Sky replacement 

Pricing structure 

Research different pricing models offered by photo editing VAs. Common options include hourly rates, per-photo editing fees, or retainer packages. Additionally, pay close attention to what’s included in each package. This might include factors like:

  • The number of revisions allowed per photo
  • The number of edited photo versions provided (e.g., high-resolution, web-optimized)
  • Any additional services offered (e.g., floor plans, virtual renovations)

Once you have the information on pricing and service inclusions from several photo editing service providers, carefully compare their quotes. Select the virtual assistant whose pricing plan best aligns with your budget and requirements.


Discuss your editing preferences and vision for your listings to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. Additionally, consider their turnaround time for edited photos – ideally, it should be fast enough to meet your listing deadlines. Lastly, verify that the VA uses compatible photo editing software to avoid any technical hiccups. 


To ensure the virtual assistant’s editing style aligns with your vision, request a portfolio of their work specifically focused on real estate photo editing. Ideally, consider a trial period if offered. It allows you to provide a few sample photos representative of your typical properties and receive edited versions back.


Editing photos is a time-consuming process but a critical one as well. Hiring a virtual assistant for photo editing allows you to focus on the bigger picture – engaging more site visitors, nurturing customer relationships, and securing property deals. 

These assistants offer a comprehensive suite of services, from basic edits to creating immersive 3D virtual tours, ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality photos that keep your listings fresh and competitive. However, when you hire photo editing professionals, ensure a thorough evaluation of their skills, experience with real estate photo editing, and the cost of hiring them to ensure seamless and cost-effective integration with your existing processes.