Rising Demand from Power Plants & Cements Plants to Drive the Backward Inclined Fan Market

“Backward Inclined Fan Market – Global Industry Dynamics 2018-19, Trends and Forecast, 2020–2028” is an upcoming market research report added by the analysts at Industry Probe. Backward inclined fan market report offers existing driving and limiting factors, consumer behavior & trends, and scope for opportunities that can help the strategists and companies.

The report is a result of a thorough secondary research as well as interviews with industry experts. Therefore, numbers are as close to accurate as they get and the information accessible in the report on the backward inclined fan market is easy to comprehend. Industry Probe analysts have included some of the major players operating in the backward inclined fan market along with information about revenue, strengths, opportunities, segmentation, competitive landscape and regional presence of the market players.

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According to the report from Industry Probe, increasing application of these fans in power plants and cement plants for re-circulating air and removing waste gases are projected to influence the market growth during the forecast period. The report states that these fans are utilized to transport hot gases treated during the processing in cement plants. The backward inclined fan changes in static pressure to 20 degrees water gauge while not overloading the motor. This is expected to fuel the demand for these fans over the forecast period.

The report has segregated the global backward inclined fans market on the basis of type, pressure, application, end-user industry, and region. Backward inclined fans are categorized into three types based on blade configuration which includes curved single thickness, flat single thickness, and curved airfoil.

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In terms of pressure, the report has segmented the backward inclined fans into low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure fans. High pressure backward inclined fans are expected to gain major share of the market in terms of revenue over the forecast period. The capability of high pressure fans to overcome high resistance makes them ideal across steel plants, chemical, mining, cement plants, and paper & pulp industry.

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