REWARDING ENTREPRENEURS – ENRICHING COMMUNITIES Firstwatch announces 2021 initiative to support entrepreneurs

REWARDING ENTREPRENEURS – ENRICHING COMMUNITIES Firstwatch announces 2021 initiative to support entrepreneurs
The previous winner and co-founder of Precious & Pearl Brands, Mpho Mohaswa

Johannesburg, 18 October 2021: South Africans are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, and entrepreneurs remain true champions in communities across the nation. Firstwatch is excited to announce that the Firstwatch Whisky Entrepreneur’s Challenge is back, this time bigger and better than before! As a brand that has family, people and the community at its heart, Firstwatch aims to recognise and reward South Africa’s budding entrepreneurs. The Firstwatch Entrepreneur’s Challenge is a programme designed to fast-track new businesses to success. Thus, allowing entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level and rewarding them for all the work that they put in.

Firstwatch has announced that entries for the second entrepreneurial challenge are open to truly recognise the value entrepreneurs and small business owners bring to the South African economy and their immediate communities.

The previous winner and co-founder of Precious & Pearl Brands, Mpho Mohaswa comments on the impact winning the inaugural competition in 2019, has had on her business: “Our product, Ghemere Ginger Beer, has really taken off since we won. We capitalised on much-needed media exposure, which helped expand our customer base and credibility. Having a big brand like Firstwatch behind you makes a difference.

“Our production output has improved drastically due to the equipment we could purchase with the prize money.  Our product sales picked up during the pandemic as ginger – our main ingredient – is said to be highly beneficial to the immune system. We are now expanding our sales into major retail stores and large events, among other avenues.

When asked what her advice was to the 2021 Entrepreneurs challenge entrants, Mpho went on to say, “I would advise this year’s entrepreneurs to know their business, be aware that they are pitching to serious investors, and also take advantage of the incredible networking opportunities”.

The Firstwatch Entrepreneurs Challenge 2021

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to enter this year’s challenge.

To enter, entrepreneurs need to buy a promotional Firstwatch Whisky 750ml or 1L bottle. They then need to enter their business or business idea using the unique code via the USSD details found on the promotional necktag. A selection process will occur once all entries have been received where 160 candidates will be shortlisted to attend a 2-day workshop in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The selected candidates will then pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in order to earn a spot in the top 10. The top 10 candidates will then attend the finale in Johannesburg where the overall winner will be chosen.

More detailed instructions for the entry mechanics can be found online.

The 2-day workshop that the 160 candidates will attend will encompass robust, hands-on experiential learning with some of the country’s leading business experts. At these workshops, entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to pitch their business or business idea to a panel of judges, which will put them one step closer to being the overall winner that walks away with R50 000 in support for their existing or start-up business.

“I am very proud of this initiative as I believe that entrepreneurs are a cornerstone of driving the communities they operate in forward and without support for budding entrepreneurs, even the most resilient company can fail. This affects not only the entrepreneurs’ income but also the communities that rely on them financially and as a source of inspiration, says Bongi Matsolo, Senior Brand Manager – Edward Snell & Co. Brown & White Spirits – ”

The programme’s many benefits include upskilling entrepreneurs in terms of both business and entrepreneurial skills and giving them access to valuable content that will ultimately provide them with a kickstart in getting their businesses to the next level of growth.

For further information you can call, Whatsapp, SMS or send a “please call me” to 066 519 1371. Alternately email: [email protected]

About Firstwatch Whisky:

Firstwatch Imported Whisky is an award-winning 100% blend of imported rye and cereal grain whiskies. The base whisky in the blend has been matured for at least three years and is exceptionally easy mixing, with a full rye taste.

Firstwatch has an intense golden glowing amber colour, a floral aroma with sweet fruitiness and a rich, complex wooded rye flavour.