Renishaw Hills sets the tone for the biggest development on the KZN mid-South Coast

Renishaw Hills sets the tone for the biggest development on the KZN mid-South Coast
Renishaw Hills sets the tone for the biggest development on the KZN mid-South Coast

This year’s launch of the 1 300-hectare Renishaw Coastal Precinct marked the start of one of the country’s largest and most awaited developments, set to ignite massive growth along the KZN mid-South Coast. And, considering the success of Renishaw Hills, the first development within this Scottburgh-based precinct, it’s clear investors would do well to get in early on this project.


“It’s very exciting that all our years of planning are finally coming to fruition, and we’re looking forward to unlocking the economic and investment potential of the KZN mid-South Coast with a development of this magnitude,” explained Barto van der Merwe, MD of Renishaw Coastal Precinct. “It’s often difficult to get investors fired up about a new development as many people battle to visualise the potential that exists. We’re fortunate in that we have Renishaw Hills, a thriving ecologically sensitive estate, as a shining example of what we’re setting out to achieve.”


In 2016, construction for Renishaw Hills began in Node 1 of what will be five interconnected nodes throughout the precinct. This mature lifestyle estate, as well as the greater Renishaw Coastal Precinct, is backed by Renishaw Property Developments, a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Crookes Brothers Limited, and its property development partner, Crocker Properties.


In just six years, the 25-hectare Renishaw Hills – the first billion-rand development in the area – has grown to accommodate more than 300 residents with R400 million in sales so far. This well-established residential development has set the tone for the precinct developments which will focus on a quality seaside lifestyle that prioritises conservation efforts.


This is evidenced by the work done on rehabilitating the Mandawe Wetland which has included alien invasive eradication and the replacement of cane fields with indigenous forests and grasslands. The result has been the planned reintroduction of indigenous wildlife, including the endangered Pickersgill’s reed frog endemic to very few wetlands along the KZN coastline. The plans are to extend these conservation efforts across Renishaw Coastal Precinct with 10-million of the 13-million square metres of land converted into conservation areas by reintroducing indigenous flora and fauna.


And the economic awakening of the KZN mid-South Coast through Renishaw Coastal Precinct is inclusive of all local communities, from the construction phase and beyond. This is evident in the historic 2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between developers and the local KwaCele community, establishing a harmonious partnership extending into the future. This will see the participation of the local community in further development projects and where possible, provide opportunities for local emerging businesses when appointing subcontractors.


Commenting on the interest in Renishaw Hills, Van der Merwe said they have already witnessed house prices escalate by an incredible 50% in the past five years: “This escalation took place despite the economic downturn as a result of Covid-19, making it a really remarkable achievement. This is not only good news for Renishaw Hills, but great news for Renishaw Coastal Precinct and prospective partners who are looking to get in early on a prime coastal destination where value is only set to rise.”


A significant portion of Renishaw Coastal Precinct falls under Umdoni Municipality which, alongside the KZN Department of Environmental Affairs and the National Department of Agriculture, has given the go-ahead for this mixed-use development that includes residential, retail, educational, healthcare and light industrial/commercial zones. The entire development will be self-reliant, secure and sustainable, providing everything from water and sanitation, to fibre optics, healthcare and education.


Considering the competitive pricing of this coastal development when compared to anywhere along the South African coastline, it’s no surprise that interest has spiked, with significant investments already being made. Investors looking to get in early can visit or call Barto van der Merwe on 087 135 5555.