Refine Properties on track with energy compliance requirements with seven key properties certified

Refine Properties on track with energy compliance requirements with seven key properties certified
Refine Properties on track with energy compliance requirements with seven key properties certified 

Johannesburg, 1 August 2022. Redefine Properties announced that with seven prime office properties in the Rosebank and Sandton corridor already certified in compliance with the National Energy Act and regulations, it is endeavouring to have its entire national office property portfolio compliant with the legislation before the December deadline. 

The certification, which is required for any office building of 2 000 sqm or more, has already been completed for 90 Rivonia, 115 West Street, Rosebank Towers,  155 West Street, and 90 Grayston, says Pieter Strydom, office asset manager at Redefine Properties, adding that all these buildings achieved top grade ratings. Rosebank Link achieved an A rating, which is the highest certification level and 2 Pybus achieved a B rating.

“We are working steadily to ensure that the remainder of our properties meet the 07 December 2022 certification deadline and that the objective of the Act to create public awareness around energy usage and efficiency in facilities use in South African buildings is achieved.” 

“The Act requires that certificates must be prominently displayed at entrances to all buildings and are regarded as a key step in achieving the national energy-saving objectives. 

The certificates, which use a rating card similar to that already found on appliances, measure the energy performance of buildings. They clearly define how much energy is being used to operate a facility and are based on energy consumption levels defined in SANS 10400 XA guidelines,” says Anelisa Keke, chief sustainability officer at Redefine Properties.

“The certification process is part of the government’s national energy efficiency strategy targeted to reduce energy use across all sectors of the economy by 29% in 2030, using 2015 as a baseline.”

“We support these objectives and believe that our comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies provide opportunities to ensure that our business is future proofed. Through our actions, energy consumption in buildings will be reduced and our business sustainability secured.”

In the absence of specific South African real estate sector guidance, Redefine Properties had moved proactively to adopt a stringent process in setting primary and secondary ESG goals, basing them on international best practice and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Redefine has since formalised its ESG targets and becoming a signatory to the UN Global Compact, says Keke.

“We regard the certification of buildings that fall within the ambit of the National Energy Act as a natural process. It will create more awareness about the importance of energy efficiency, particularly as more companies seek to transition to net zero status; and enable existing and prospective tenants to adopt strategies to reduce energy use and manage their costs,” she concludes.