PVC Flexible Extrusion Compound Specialists

PVC Flexible Extrusion Compound Specialists
PVC Flexible Extrusion Compound Specialists

Here at IPC, one of the most popular of our PVC compounds is our flexible extrusion compounds. It is a compound that has many attractive qualities and a wide range of practical applications. At IPC we are flexible extrusion compound specialists, professionals in our field.

Our professional team at IPC manufactures these pellets and sells them to other companies who, in turn, create many different plastic products from these pellets.

Flexible Extrusion Compounds: Many Uses

Flexible extrusion compounds really do lend themselves to a wide range of different uses, and our clients use them in a diverse range of products. Our flexible extrusion compound can be used to make:

• Garden hoses

• Gaskets

• Edge Banding

• Sunroof trim

• Extruded trim

• Handles

• Window seals

• Irrigation products

The above list is just a few of the applications that flexible extrusion compounds have to offer and can be used for. You will find this PVC compound across an array of industries including garden, furniture and automotive, among many others.

What Are The Features Of Flexible Extrusion Compound?

As flexible extrusion compound specialists, we know the many attractive features that make it appealing to a range of product manufacturers. Some features of this compound include, but are not limited to:

• Fire resistant

• Resistance to elongation, distortion, movement and warping

• Available in a variety of solid colors, as well as the option to be transparent

• Gloss or matte finish

• Very efficient within the extrusion cycle

• Durable, flexible and long-lasting

When purchasing flexible extrusion compound from us it is best to communicate what products you wish to make with it and we can advise you accurately on what product you need.

Flexible Extrusion Compound Manufacturers In South Africa

Our manufacturing plant is based in Phoenix, KZN. IPC has built up its reputation as a reliable PVC pellet manufacture and we deliver our products nationwide as well as internationally.

Years And Years Of Experience In Flexible Extrusion Compounds

At IPC, we have had many years of experience in creating high quality flexible extrusion compounds. Our family-run business was established all the way back in 2010, giving us that extra edge over our competitors.

Looking for the best flexible extrusion compound specialists that South Africa has to offer? Get in touch with our team at IPC today.