Pregiotek Launches SignFree – A Reliable and Secure E-Signing Service

Pregiotek Launches SignFree – A Reliable and Secure E-Signing Service
Pregiotek Launches SignFree - A Reliable and Secure E-Signing Service

[Brussels], [Belgium] – Mar 17, 2022 – Pregiotek, a leading IT and certifying firm, and provider of innovative products and services, announced on Mar 14, 2022, SignFree, a new and secure e-Signature service, providing full, and legally binding eSign workflow. SignFree makes it simple to create and sign digital agreements, contracts, forms, and other documents to expedite and streamline business in a digital world.

It is an excellent platform with industry-leading innovations and features that help users streamline, optimize, and automate business transactions and processes. Pregiotek’s commitment is to make e-signatures freely accessible to everyone, individuals and businesses: no more paper, scanning, and time-consuming and frustrating process.

SignFree was built carefully from the ground up to be compatible with various applications. SignFree is fully integrated with Gmail and Outlook to send documents straight from the inbox. Users can sign their documents in less than 30 seconds, and there is no need to create an account.

“SignFree is expediting and simplifying how digital documents are signed, and digital business gets done,” said Nicola Di Giorgio, Chief Executive Officer of Pregiotek. “SignFree is one of the major steps forward for us and our customers. Across industries and departments, customers can benefit from additional digital capabilities. Our new digital signatures make signing documents and contracts with digital certificates simpler than ever. SignFree can revolutionize how business and governance are conducted in the country and around the world, paving the way for a digital and seamless transformation into a paperless environment.”

SignFree delivers an e-signature solution that is suitable for any enterprise or business at any scale. The platform is built on the company’s decades of experience developing powerful, secure, and comprehensive APIs for developers.


No matter the location of a company’s team members, from home, across the office, or the other side of the world – the entire team can collaborate easily on any document.


Security is one of the top priorities when sending and receiving confidential contracts and business documents. When using SignFree, all data is safely encrypted, and only the user has access to the signed documents. The solution supports 256-bit encryption, certified completion, audit trails, control of visibility, and email authentication in order to ensure users stay secure.

Businesses and individuals looking for an e-sign solution can choose three plans: Free Plan, Premium Plan, and Corporate Plan.

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Pregiotek is a leading IT firm and provider of innovative tech products and services, helping workers and businesses increase their productivity and do more with documents. The company believes that everyone should have access to free electronic signatures for a paperless world where things get done, and businesses can focus on what really matters.

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