PR Worx awarded as Africa’s best Public Relations Agency

PR Worx awarded as Africa's best Public Relations Agency
PR Worx awarded as Africa's best Public Relations Agency

South Africa’s multi-award-winning marketing-communications firm, PR Worx, has another reason to celebrate as it was awarded as Africa’s Best Full-Service Public Relations Agency at the Middle East and African (MEA) Markets Business Awards.

“Recognition is always appreciated but when your company is being honoured and celebrated for your devotion in bringing about change and bettering the lives of Africans through the organisations you represent and the work you do on the continent, that honour comes with even greater gravitas and gratitude,” says Madelain Roscher, PR Worx’s Managing Director.

To be nominated for a MEA Market Business Award, companies must be able to demonstrate that they made an invaluable difference to their clients, customers and overall communities in Africa or the Middle East during 2019.

As Africa’s Best, PR Worx really does live up to its reputation.

The firm has won 48 PRISA PRISM awards in seven years; the Best Independent PR Agency in Johannesburg; PMR Africa’s Best PR Company in Ekurhuleni for nine years consecutively; IABC’s Best Publicists in Africa for three consecutive years; and South Africa’s Best PR Company. In addition, Roscher won the 2019 African Women Leadership Award and the Women of the Year: Media Category.

Roscher attributes PR Worx’s vast success to its ability to personify and humanise their clients’ values, vision and objectives, and establishing real and lasting relationships with their target audiences.

“PR Worx’s main objective is to always deliver work that is infused with passion, innovation and a genuine commitment to drive and connect our clients with their stakeholders. We also aim to build lasting relationships and engagement for them, that extends beyond the duration of our marketing-communications campaign. I believe when your work is inspired by love and a genuine commitment to make a difference, every PR campaign becomes more meaningful, stakeholder connection is more authentic, and achieving goals become a little easier. When you’re passionate about what you do, it shows.”

The MEA Markets Awards said in their statement that they seek out the very best companies from all over the Middle East and Africa for these awards. It is a merit-based awards programme, where the judges’ decisions are only influenced by the achievements of the business.

Dedicated research teams, made up of highly trained and committed journalists, contributors, researchers, and worldwide industry insiders, assess all information presented to them including research gathered independently to verify all nominations. The researchers cast their final judgment, based on various criteria such as business performance, longevity, diversification, growth (either sustained or rapid), any significant innovations, and how the businesses has helped to sustain the Middle East and African region’s dominant status within the business world.

“I am proud that PR Worx has been awarded as Africa’s Best Full Service Public Relations Agency and that our tireless contributions have been recognised that we’re not only challenging the creative boundaries for ourselves but for the PR industry across the continent to be more innovative, effective and transparent.

“We are constantly pushing ourselves to set and exceed our own and industry standards by surpassing world-class solutions. By leveraging out-of-the-box marketing-communications methodologies and best practices, we elevate our clients’ brands while providing world-class, ethical and objective-driven communications that add real value to their bottom-line. I believe that’s why we keep winning these incredible awards for PR Worx and our clients,” concludes Roscher.

PR Worx has an independent footprint across 26 different African countries.