PPECB partnered with Altron Karabina to reimagine ERP architecture

PPECB rebuilt its legacy Microsoft architecture to create a technology ecosystem capable of handling evolving business requirements

– PPECB rebuilt its legacy architecture using Microsoft D365 ERP
– Altron Karabina won the tender issued by the PPECB
– PPECB is continuing with its modernisation strategy to ensure ongoing service delivery to customers and the market

South Africa, August 2023 – PPECB, Africa’s official perishable produce export certification agency, replaced its legacy, highly customised Microsoft architecture with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform best suited to meet its financial and operational expectations. The solution, designed by Altron Karabina, provided the organisation with the tooling, functionality, flexibility and scale it required to achieve strategic business objectives.

“Many of our legacy systems were out of date and no longer supported by Microsoft, and we couldn’t run the risk of downtime due to system failure or security vulnerabilities,” said Lucien Jansen, CEO of PPECB. “We needed technology that would be flexible and could cater for our evolving business needs while providing a functional financial ERP.”

Altron Karabina won the tender to implement Microsoft D365 ERP after undergoing an extensive bidding process. PPECB has a rigorous governance framework which meant due diligence was complex and challenging. However, Altron Karabina emerged as the perfect partner for the company based on previous experience and a commitment to build a long-term relationship with PPECB. For Jansen the journey was symbiotic with both companies driving the integration forward with a shared vision and focus on achieving sustainable results.

“Our relationship with PPECB is one of the foundations for this success story as both companies wanted this implementation to succeed and to continue working together over the long-term,” says Pravesh Parbhoo, Head: Sales and Solutions at Altron Karabina.

The D365 integration included financial modules and supply chain management modules that allowed for radical improvements across the cold chain, product inspection, food safety, laboratory and business intelligence units. The financial module was the first to be implemented and is being followed by the supply chain modules. The systems are designed to integrate with one another and to leverage the company’s long-standing data history to ensure interoperability and visibility without the limitations of silos.

“We were established in 1926 which means our systems, data and insights have a long history that have been carried over for generations,” says Jansen. “That alone brings a unique expectation to any technology integration – we had to retain our history while moving seamlessly into a more digitalised environment.”

For both teams, the implementation was seamless, delivering the interoperability, flexibility and scale required to ease PPECB into the digital realm without compromising on its history, data and governance expectations. The result is an architecture capable of withstanding the demands of the digital landscape and agile enough to evolve alongside the changing needs of the business and its customers in the future. In addition, the two companies worked together to ensure smooth change management across a diverse workforce with multiple skill sets. Buy-in from executive leadership at PPECB meant that change was a key focus for the company and that employees felt part of the evolution of its digital backbone and capabilities.

“Altron Karabina remained a steadfast partner helping us throughout the process and giving us the support, we needed to overcome challenges in implementation,” concluded Jansen. “Now, we are continuing on our digitalisation journey with an engaged workforce and a trusted technology partner.”