OCFO’s FundRaise Con is a must for entrepreneurs

OCFO’s FundRaise Con is a must for entrepreneurs
OCFO’s FundRaise Con is a must for entrepreneurs

OutsourcedCFO’s FundRaise Con, part of their Founders Events focusing on supporting and educating entrepreneurs on various aspects of business and finance, has become a must-attend in the SME entrepreneurial ecosystem in South Africa.

One of the biggest challenges founders face is raising capital for business growth. Even the most brilliant business ideas can only progress so far without adequate funding. But raising capital is a highly technical

process that often  requires a corporate-finance background to complete the valuations, financial modelling, due diligence, and other aspects investors require before they will even consider meeting with you and your team.

It is this challenge that OutsourcedCFO’s FundRaise Con aims to address, by putting rising entrepreneurs in touch with investors and experts who will share their wealth of  experience and knowledge around the fundraising journey. Hosted by OCFO, this conference brings together dynamic speakers, motivated attendees, industry-leading sponsors, and allows meaningful networking and learning opportunities for all attendees seeking expert advice on their fundraising journey.

Insight from investors themselves

Imagine being able to hear exactly what investors are looking for – from the investors themselves. FundRaise Con speakers include investors who share insight into what potential backers are looking for in companies, as well as founders who have successfully raised finance themselves. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions will allow attendees to ask pertinent questions and learn from expert insiders.

About Outsourced CFO

Founded in 2013, Outsourced CFO is an award-winning CFO Services, Cloud Accounting and Automation company, serving rapidly growing organisations and assisting them with the technical aspects of their funding process. Drawing from deep technical and professional wells of expertise, OCFO’s mission is to empower  founder and management teams to build world-class finance functions that  support their growth.  OCFO’s FundRaise Con promises attendees seeking advice on their fundraising journey useful and actionable insight that they can take to the bank.

Enter: FundRaise Con – an annual event for founders FUNDRAISE CON 2023

30 March | 5pm | Crystal Towers, Cape Town