New Mpathy clinic model to provide one million patients with Low-Fee Private Primary Healthcare

New Mpathy clinic model to provide one million patients with Low-Fee Private Primary Healthcare
Sister Sinokuhle Lubamba, proud Nursepreneur of the Mpathy Clinic in Gugulethu and Godfrey Katsande, CFO at Township Fleva

A township development organisation is spearheading access to private healthcare for low-income households by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality primary healthcare services for struggling South Africans.

Township Fleva, a social enterprise organisation, funding and running township development programs that solve South Africa’s (SA’s) biggest problems; poverty; unemployment; and inequality, announced the opening of its first Mpathy Clinic in Gugulethu, Cape Town last week, with its next clinics opening imminently in Soweto and Thembia in Gauteng, and Kamhlushwa in Mpumalanga.

The Mpathy Clinic model marks a significant milestone in improving access to private primary healthcare services in SA. Township Fleva plans to establish a network of at least 70 clinics nationwide over the next five years, galvanising entrepreneurship while creating sustainable, low-fee private clinics that provide critical health services.

At least 84% of SA’s population is solely reliant on public healthcare. Despite the constitutional guarantee of access to high-quality healthcare, thousands of patients visit primary healthcare clinics across the country daily, only to be turned away after enduring lengthy wait times. If they are treated, the quality of care is often not sufficient.

With only a small minority of the population able to afford the exorbitant costs of private healthcare, the current burden on the national healthcare system is having significant and expensive consequences on both the country, and its citizens.

Affordable private primary healthcare: a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery

“While cash-strapped patients are not able to afford private healthcare at all, approximately 10 million people in the country are able to afford it at a lower cost. Our Mpathy Clinic Model aims to bridge this gap, enabling these patients with access to convenient and affordable private primary healthcare services,” says Godfrey Katsande, CFO at Township Fleva.

Patients visiting private clinics currently pay anything ranging from R350 to well over R1000 for a single consultation, the Mpathy Clinic offering will provide top-notch private primary healthcare between R100 and R300 per consultation.

The Mpathy model operates on an efficient and streamlined approach. “By implementing functional, cutting-edge technologies and primarily optimising operational processes, we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of primary medical consultations, without compromising on the quality of care provided,” says Katsande.

Strategically and rapidly scaling these clinics across the country, Township Fleva will provide low-income patients with access to a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including primary care, diagnostics, preventive care, and chronic disease management.

Nursepreneurs to boost entrepreneurship and township economies.

The implementation of Township Fleva’s Nursepreneur programme plans to propel entrepreneurship opportunities for nurse-led Mpathy clinics nationwide, providing an opportunity for nurses to become clinic owners and managers.

Bolstered by the reliable backing of Township Fleva, Nursepreneurs will be provided access to infrastructure, equipment, and shared services across key business functions such as Marketing; HR; IT; Procurement; Bookkeeping and Legal support.

“By equipping nurses with the necessary tools, training, and business support, we aim to empower them to become successful entrepreneurs and change-agents who can provide comprehensive care to patients while driving economic growth” adds Katsande.

“It is a great honour to be able to service the Gugulethu Community and provide patients with the quality care they so desperately need. I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to serve the community while doing what I love and becoming an entrepreneur and business owner at the same time,” says Sister Sinokuhle Lubamba, proud Nursepreneur of the Mpathy Clinic in Gugulethu.

Adopting innovative technologies and a patient-centric approach, the Mpathy Clinic Model and Nursepreneur programme combined create an ecosystem that benefits patients, healthcare professionals and township economies across the country.