Nedbank clients enjoy the benefits of convenient, contactless card collections

Nedbank clients enjoy the benefits of convenient, contactless card collections
Nedbank clients enjoy the benefits of convenient, contactless card collections

Since they were first introduced in late-2019, Nedbank’s locker collection points have become increasingly popular with the bank’s clients, many of whom appreciate the convenience and security of these self-service collection options, particularly for card collections.

According to Dayalan Govender, Managing Executive: Solution Innovation, Nedbank first developed the lockers as a solution to the challenges associated with card deliveries, particularly the inconvenience clients faced when having to ensure they were available for courier deliveries. Later, the secure contactless card collection services also proved invaluable during Covid-19 lockdowns with its associated delivery restrictions and social distancing requirements.

“While safety was the primary concern during Covid-19, today our clients simply appreciate the convenience our lockers provide them,” Govender says, “especially in terms of allowing them to use a secure PIN to enable contactless card collection at any time that suits them.”

The popularity of this self-service card collection option is evident in the steady growth in client uptake seen in the first half of 2022. Between January and the end of May this year, Nedbank delivered 92 060 card parcels via its locker facilities.

Govender points out that the steady increase in usage of the lockers is also due to Nedbank’s ongoing investment into expanding its network of the collection points nationally. The bank now has lockers available in 119 Nedbank sites across the country, with plans to add a further 84 locations in 2022. The convenience of locker collections is further enhanced through Nedbank’s partnership with DSV Road, which has approximately 400 DSV Public Lockers located at fuel forecourts around the country. Since February 2022, the bank has delivered 2 003 card packages to clients via these DSV Public Lockers.

Nedbank has also introduced convenient in-branch self-service kiosks as part of its ongoing branch revitalisation programme. “Replacement card collections are still one of the main reasons why our clients visit a branch,” Govender explains, “so we’re making that process easier for them with these cutting-edge self-service kiosks that can instantly issue replacement Nedbank cards.”

There are currently 107 of these self-service kiosks in Nedbank branches and they dispensed over 10 500 replacement cards between January and May this year. The uptake of this service is encouraging and Nedbank plans to continue further roll out these self-service kiosks to its entire branch network, with an additional 206 planned for 2022.

The stellar growth in popularity of these self-service card issuance and collection services has prompted Nedbank to fast-track its development of additional self-service offerings for clients. These include the option to use a self-service device in a Nedbank branch to open an account and instantly receive a bank card linked to it. This account opening functionality is already enabled at 11 branches with a further roll-out planned for the second half of the year.  Nedbank is also piloting locker collections for other items like NATIS documents for clients who have settled their vehicle finance agreements. And plans are also underway to issue Greenbacks Rewards to clients who make use of lockers and self-service kiosks.

“As digitisation grows, consumers expect to have the option to bank in whatever way best meets their needs,” Govender says, “and the Nedbank lockers and self-service kiosks are just some of the ways that we are responding to these expectations, by offering banking services and solutions that fit seamlessly into the changing lives of our clients.”