Natives Ascribed Obligation in SA

Opinion by Don Mthethwa

Natives Ascribed Obligation in SA
Natives Ascribed Obligation in SA

A number of native professionals gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Rivonia, Sandton on Thursday, the 19th November 2020, on a roundtable discussion held by the Xubera Institute for Research and development around the topic ‘Has the Master Narrative managed to craft the Native Professionals as corrupt, incompetent, visionless and enablers of state destruction?’

In his opening remarks, political analyst, Xolani Dube, a senior researcher at the Xubera Institute for Research and Development said that Black professionals should confront their apartheid and colonialism-engineered subjugation and determine the country’s socio-economic and political direction.

Dube further warned black professionals that they risked being targeted, marginalised and destroyed by dominant forces if they continued folding their arms.

The panel discussion featured high-profile academics, scholars and activists who proposed solutions in an attempt to confront this fallacious narrative against native professionals.

It was further agreed upon those in attendance that the 1994 elite transition in South Africa misled citizens to believe that peace is freedom instead of social justice.

The solutions formed part of a draft to be shared with the public which suggest ways in which native professionals can actively confront their subjugation and determine practical steps towards building a nation characterised by social justice, good governance, as well as equally advancing the interest of native South Africans.

The discussion was featured on The Insight Factor and the clip is available on their YouTube Channel.

Don Mthethwa is a content writer and freelance columnist who writes for various South African publications.