Mike Giannulis Shares Ways to Improve Your Food Delivery Services

Mike Giannulis Shares Ways to Improve Your Food Delivery Services

You have a food delivery business and you have enough customers to sail through to make both ends meet. Then, would you not like to improve the business further. For instance, if you have delayed deliveries due to short of staff, your priority is to hire delivery executives for ensuring food deliveries super fast. Think of ways that will help your delivery boys reach the customer home quickly for delivering tasty meals.

There are simple solutions that you can implement, but looking for a competitive edge, huh? Fret not. Here are some effective ways to improve your food delivery business:

Mike Giannulis recommends taking online orders.

If you are taking online orders and not just through phone, there is nothing like it. If not, it is high time that you switch to an online food ordering system. First, you will need an app with a user-friendly delivery interface. Do you have an online menu and then the option through which customers can order food? These are some of the things to consider.

There are smart ways to ensure online ordering as well as fast delivery to the customer’s doorstep. Hire a professional to deal with the technical aspects of the food delivery app to expedite the food delivery press. The competition is tough out there and therefore, you need to exceed customer expectations, not just meet them.

Reach out to your targeted customers

These days, people, especially the millennial generation like ordering food through mobile apps. It means that you have a great target market that can help you improve the bottom line. Mike Giannulis tells you that you can reach out to these customers through apps, social media, and online campaigns to persuade food lovers that you deliver food quickly and efficiently.

Your customers will see your social media posts and advertisements to inquire about your food delivery services. Make sure your ads, blogs, and social posts are optimized for maximum visibility. Your goal is to ensure quick food delivery and winning the trust of your customers in less time.

Make your online food delivery business mobile-friendly

These days, most people use their smartphones to order food online. Gone are the days when they called your number and order food. Make your website and social media account mobile-friendly because that is the need of the hour.

Your mobile website should display the same content and menus together with the order button on PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You cannot afford to lose your customers if your website does not display all the elements properly on a mobile device.

As cited before, you need a user-friendly app to let customers order food from the app with ease and convenience. Your customers should reach you for food orders as quickly as possible.

Avoid designing a website that has confusing navigation that makes it difficult for your customers to order food. If that happens, customers will close the website or app and look for a better option.


When you are into the food delivery business, simplicity, speed, and convenience are the two elements of consistent success. Design a smooth mobile interface that makes food ordering super easy and convenient for your customers.