Lindie Malan ActionCOACH Celebrates the Remarkable Success Story of Social Happiness

Lindie Malan ActionCOACH Celebrates the Remarkable Success Story of Social Happiness
Lindie Malan ActionCOACH Celebrates the Remarkable Success Story of Social Happiness

Somerset West, 11 April 2024 — In an inspiring showcase of business transformation and success, Lindie Malan ActionCOACH extends heartfelt congratulations to Social Happiness, a leading digital marketing agency based in Somerset West, on their phenomenal journey of growth and achievements. Under the guidance of ActionCOACH’s business coaching and the visionary leadership of Tamsin Hayley, Social Happiness has redefined its strategic direction, resulting in unprecedented growth and accolades in the digital marketing realm.

Social Happiness, led by the ambitious Tamsin Hayley, embarked on its business journey in 2018. Initially grappling with the challenges of inconsistent income and a lack of a clear business strategy, the agency has since emerged as a beacon of success and innovation in digital marketing. “When Tamsin first approached us, we saw a spark—an undeniable potential just waiting for the right strategy and direction,” said Lindie Malan, a renowned business coach at ActionCOACH. “Her openness to change and eagerness to grow were the perfect ingredients for a transformative coaching journey.”

Through regular coaching sessions, including participation in the GrowthCLUB’s 90-day business planning events, Tamsin and her team at Social Happiness gained invaluable insights into the critical importance of a well-defined business model, specific growth goals, and robust financial planning. This led to a strategic pivot to a monthly retainer-based model, significantly enhancing the agency’s profitability and predictability of income.

“Leveraging Tamsin’s passion for digital marketing and storytelling, we rebranded Social Happiness to emphasise digital storytelling as a core component of their services,” Malan noted. “This, coupled with a clearly defined value proposition and a structured sales process, has positioned Social Happiness as a leader in digital marketing, not just locally but on a national scale.”

The results speak volumes. Since starting the coaching journey in March 2019, Social Happiness has seen a staggering 98% growth in sales in the first year, followed by 60% and 30% in the subsequent years. The introduction of a business dashboard has enabled the team to closely monitor sales performance, new leads, and conversion rates, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Under Tamsin’s leadership, Social Happiness has not only expanded its digital marketing offerings but has also cultivated a vibrant company culture rooted in values such as communication, confidence, creativity, and teamwork. This cultural foundation has propelled the agency to win multiple prestigious awards, including the Corporate Global Vision Awards for Best Digital Marketing Agency in Cape Town and a runner-up position at the Women’s Business Awards.

“Tamsin’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, strategic planning, and the courage to dream big,” added Malan. “Her achievements, from expanding her team to launching her own publishing company, Angel Rock Productions, and authoring two books, illustrate the limitless possibilities when determination meets strategic business coaching.”

In early 2023, Social Happiness made a ground-breaking move to implement a 4-day work week for its team, emphasising work-life balance and employee wellbeing. This innovative approach has further solidified the agency’s reputation as a forward-thinking and employee-centric organisation.

As Social Happiness continues to thrive and evolve, Lindie Malan ActionCOACH remains committed to supporting visionary business leaders like Tamsin Hayley. “We celebrate the remarkable achievements of Social Happiness and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success in the digital marketing landscape,” concluded Malan.

About Lindie Malan ActionCOACH

Lindie Malan ActionCOACH is part of the global ActionCOACH franchise, dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals and realize their potential through tailored coaching programs. With a focus on growth, strategy, and leadership, Lindie Malan and her team have empowered numerous businesses across various industries to achieve remarkable success.

About Social Happiness

Social Happiness is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Somerset West, offering a wide range of digital marketing solutions. Founded by Tamsin Hayley in 2018, the agency has grown exponentially, serving national corporate and franchise group accounts with a focus on digital storytelling and strategic marketing solutions.

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