Kwathole Connexion unveils rebranding efforts of 10th anniversary

Kwathole Connexion unveils rebranding efforts of 10th anniversary
Thanduxolo Jindela, Kwathole Conexion CEO

Kwathole Conexion PR Company, a leading public relations firm, is excited to announce its recent rebranding efforts, including the launch of a new logo and website. This is part of the company’s celebration of 10 years in business.

The rebranding efforts include a new logo, website design, and updated company messaging. The updated look features a modern, sleek look that better represents our innovative approach to public relations and our forward-thinking approach to public relations.

Our website has also been launched to better showcase the company’s services and provide a user-friendly experience for clients. In addition to the visual updates, Kwathole Conexion has updated its messaging to reflect its values of transparency, collaboration, and results-driven strategies.

Thanduxolo Jindela, Kwathole Conexion CEO, says the company is thrilled to unveil its rebranding efforts and showcase its commitment to providing exceptional public relations services.

“For ten years, Kwathole Conexion has been dedicated to providing top-notch public relations services for clients across various industries, fashion, tv, music, and sports. This rebranding is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our new website offers a more user-friendly experience, with easy navigation and updated content that showcases our capabilities and expertise,” he says, adding that the company believes that effective communication is essential for success.

“We believe that our new logo, website, and messaging will better reflect our values and help us connect with clients who share our vision for success. We are excited to continue working with clients to help them achieve their goals through effective communication strategies.

For more information about the company’s rebranding efforts or to inquire about its services, please visit the newly designed website: