KLM’s interactive Covid-19 map keeps customers up to date

KLM’s interactive Covid-19 map keeps customers up to date

KLM appreciates how difficult it can be to plan a trip during the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel rules and restrictions are changing constantly and vary from country to country, making it more important than ever for travellers to have the most up-to-date information when planning a journey.

That is why, starting today, KLM is offering an interactive “Where can I fly to?” map showing current travel requirements for every country in KLM’s network. The map displays travel requirements based on customers’ country of departure and vaccination status, so they can choose their next destination at a glance.

How the interactive “Where can I fly to?” map works

To start planning a trip, customers can go to https://www.klm.nl/en/travel-guide/where-can-i-fly-to and fill in the airport or country of departure. They can then move around the interactive map to view the most up-to-date travel requirements for KLM destinations. Customers who have been vaccinated can click on the “I am fully vaccinated” button to view travel requirements suited to their status. Once they select a destination, they are directed to our TravelDoc website, where they can view detailed travel requirements for that location.

KLM: Outstanding hygiene standards, flexible bookings and five stars from passengers

KLM believes in flying responsibly and sets the highest possible standards for hygiene before, during and after flights. It has been awarded the APEX Health Safety Diamond Award, the most prestigious health and safety distinction in the commercial airline industry. KLM also offers customers maximum flexibility when it comes to booking, changing or cancelling trips. Yet another feather in KLM’s cap is that it has retained its five-star APEX product and service rating, based on evaluations by passengers worldwide.