Keep it Cool – Air Conditioning and Temperature Regulation at your Event

Keep it Cool – Air Conditioning and Temperature Regulation at your Event
Keep it Cool - Air Conditioning and Temperature Regulation at your Event

The fewer limitations you have on planning your dream event, the better! This is what makes outdoor events so appealing, allowing you to choose the location and decor of your choice without being limited to a venue. However, an outdoor event requires that you provide a lot of the equipment and amenities yourself, things that might otherwise have been included in an indoor venue. Air conditioning units and fans can be used to regulate the temperature of your event for the comfort of your guests.

Here are a few reasons air conditioning and temperature regulation should be a necessity, and not an optional extra at your event.

Guests and Equipment can run the Risk of Overheating

South Africa’s climate tends to be moderate, however, especially in the peak of summer, temperatures can exceed 32 degrees celsius, even going as high as 48 degrees! Not every location will have shade for your tent or marquee to be set up under, and even if it does, temperatures can still rise significantly in the shade.

Not only do your guests run the risk of heatstroke, but your event equipment can overheat as well. Industrial air conditioning units work hard to cool your event,

Restricted Air-Flow and Insolution can Make the Air Stifling

We already understand that temperatures outside can get considerably high, but outdoor event tents and aluminium frame marquees can get warmer even than the outside temperature, especially if the airflow is restricted. Heat accumulated during the day from being beneath the sun will also linger well into the night, so even evening events can feel warm beneath the tent.

The number of people attending your event will also factor in the heat and air-flow in your tent. By opting to go with air conditioner hire you can guarantee the temperature is kept cool and comfortable no matter the number of people or sun exposure.

Guests need to be Kept Comfortable

The temperature of your event will largely factor into their enjoyment and comfort. No one wants to feel too hot and stifled, with stale air and sweat. In fact, heatstroke and dehydration can be a very real threat for many. Similarly, an event in winter might become quite cold, requiring temperature regulation to create a comfortable room temperature. Fan hire is a must to ensure your guests will enjoy your event, especially if they’ll be spending a considerable amount of time there for weddings, conferences, festivals or galas.

Experts suggest that the ideal room temperature for your event should be kept and maintained anywhere between 20°C and 24°C for the enjoyment of your guests.

Work with Cozi Hire for the Set-Up and Planning of your Event

Cozi Hire provides all the necessities for hosting your outdoor event, with a range of customizable event tents and marquees. Not only do we supply you with your outdoor venue, but we’ll set up and take down your equipment as needed. With everything from fan hires and industrial air conditioning units to furniture, we’re your one-stop-supplier of wedding and event equipment and catering necessities..

Get in contact with us, and we’ll start helping you plan your dream event. Our team at Cozi Hire is ready to make your event a success.

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