KBC introduces Safety Performance Coaches for on-the-job gap training

KBC introduces Safety Performance Coaches for on-the-job gap training
KBC Health & Safety Chief Operating Officer Sian Thurtell

A holistic provider of Onboarding solutions in Southern Africa, as well as induction and other training solutions across the mining industry, KBC Health & Safety has introduced the concept of Safety Performance Coaches (SPCs), who will be responsible to track, report and offer on-the-job gap training.

When a health and safety code is violated with or without incident, the SPC will be available to explain to their colleague the error in execution and help them understand the correct processes instead. This will sustain learning and mitigate any lapse in health and safety adherence.

Trained and coached by KBC, SPCs will be able to gather critical data that will be delivered to the client through a monthly digital dashboard report. This will equip the client with valuable insights and analysis to understand if there are widespread violations of a particular nature that require immediate attention. Critical areas may require training to reinforce understanding, whether it be through microlearning, refresher learning modules or simply one-on-one coaching, which can all be delivered on various platforms.

“KBC will apply a targeted implementation and process plan, specifically scoped per client, to ensure that the solution aligns to the client’s organisational SHE culture, objectives and strategy,” comments Chief Operating Officer Sian Thurtell. Another value add of a tailormade client solution is a fully-aligned safety culture across multiple sites that can include employees and contractors.

“KBC has always tailored training to align to client needs and the safety strategy of Zero Harm,” stresses Thurtell. The SPC concept goes a step further in ensuring that the learning is adapted into more of an experiential training experience, so as to enhance knowledge retention. This will translate easily into the workplace and the learning that is applied, impacting the overall SHE performance of the client.

The starting point is an organisational diagnostic, to understand the status quo and then identify the desired outcome. These results will set in motion the most effective strategies to be applied and the areas of focus. A crucial step is to ensure leadership is aligned to the overall SHE strategy and the key focus areas. A session with top leadership will unpack best practice case studies and assist the team in creating a game plan to achieve the organisation’s strategy and goals.

The next step is to implement the tailormade experiential training session, which will incorporate the following aspects:

  • A Hazard Park to be built to cover high-risk areas
  • Practical learning workshops
  • Roleplaying lessons
  • Hands-on practical activities
  • Critical base learning
  • MHS/OHS Act
  • Customisation of material so it can be easily implemented

“KBC continually searches for new training methodologies and innovative solutions to further enhance or sustain our existing methods of training. It is critical for any business to constantly evolve and adapt to the ever-changing climate we operate in. This will, in turn, ensure we are adding value and making a real impact on our clients,” concludes Thurtell.

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