ITHUBA steps in to assist its community

ITHUBA steps in to assist its community
ITHUBA steps in to assist its community

On Saturday 03 July 2021, the residents of Duncan Village in the Eastern Cape were left homeless after a shack fire.

One of the Duncan Village residents Nonqaba Sindondi, was left devastated and shattered by the death of her 25-year son who passed away as a result of the fire.

Nonqaba and her family were now tasked with having to pick up the pieces and arrange a funeral. In an interview, Nonqaba reached out to South Africa and called on all good Samaritans to come forward to extend a helping with the funeral arrangements as they had lost everything in the fire.

Speaking to ITHUBA, the National Lottery Operator the emotional mother of three said “The death of our son has left us shattered, I honestly have no idea what we would’ve done had it not been for the generous donation that we received from ITHUBA. I have been unemployed for many years and we have been struggling to make ends meet, I simply can’t put it into words but we are beyond grateful to ITHUBA for allowing us the opportunity to lay our son to rest with dignity”, said Nonqaba.

The CEO of ITHUBA, Charmaine Mabuza said “We were really touched by Nonqaba’s story and as a responsible corporate organisation we knew that we had to step in and immediately assist. The donation made by ITHUBA was to ensure that the family need not have to worry about the funeral costs and arrangements during this tough and emotional time. We wanted to remove the financial burden from the family to allow them time to grieve”, said Mabuza.

ITHUBA made a monetary donation of R15 000.00 to the Sindondi family.

Buffalo City Municipality Councillors Kuhle Ciliza added, “Thank you to ITHUBA for their recent financial donation to the Sindondi family, it is not possible to express the degree of our appreciation as the Buffalo City Municipality. We need more organisations like ITHUBA that work hand in hand with their communities”, said Ciliza.

ITHUBA is the proud operator of the National Lottery