Itec transforms printing environment for 3@1 Clearwater Mall

Itec transforms printing environment for 3@1 Clearwater Mall
Itec transforms printing environment for 3@1 Clearwater Mall

Based at the Clearwater Mall in Roodepoort, 3@1 Clearwater is a business centre that delivers in the printing, scanning, copying, design, courier, and other office needs of its customers. When the new owners took over the business, they were looking at overhauling the existing printing contracts as these were expensive to maintain and inefficient.

Managed business solutions provider Itec Evolve approached them with a compelling suite of printing products with much improved service contracts that would not only reduce the costs of managing the solutions but would also provide them with access to the latest printing technology.

“When we bought the business, the state of the printing hardware contracts was shocking. And, most importantly, there was a lack of personal service and support which we were looking for. Itec provided a more affordable option. Their attention to detail when it came to meeting our unique requirements with a level of personal service we did not have before, made them an obvious choice,” says Grant Philips, the owner of 3@1 Clearwater.

3@1 is a family-owned business with the owners being hands on and involved in the day-to-day operations. Some of the other services the franchise offers include laminating and binding as well as an internet café.

“Service on the large format printing machines we use can be expensive. And for a business such as ours any cost-savings are invaluable. With Itec Evolve, we have been able to significantly save on maintenance and support as their printing products are more affordable to maintain while still delivering the same value for the high-volume demands placed on them,” says Philips.

He adds that the Itec sales manager went above and beyond to ensure that 3@1 Clearwater has the best possible value proposition that could meet its existing demands and scale where required.

“We pride ourselves in not only the innovative solutions we give our clients access to, but with the personal levels of support that has become one of our competitive differentiators. The work our sales manager Leonard and his team did with 3@1 Clearwater is testament to our commitment of tailoring solutions that meet the requirements of any client regardless of size or location,” says Bryon Sanders, MD at Itec Evolve.