We’re the no-fuss internet service provider and we make your digital transformation aspirations a reality. Whether that’s a voice-activated smart home or  a cloud-hosted communication platform for your employees, we are your one-stop-shop for digital solutions.

Who we are

Fueled by our diverse team of techno-savvy individuals, as internet service providers we at Simpli Connect pride ourselves on being digital first in everything we do. That’s why with us you can sign up online for a new service in less than 10 minutes. You can sign your contract digitally, get support via Whatsapp and even get your service delivered and installed, without ever having to speak to a human. Because that’s just the #SimpliWay.


But don’t be fooled, this rocketship doesn’t steer itself. We are guided by the over fifty years of telecommunications experience that our Senior Leadership Team bring to Simpli Connect. It’s their knowledge that allows us to bring industry-first partnerships and innovative products first to market.

Why choose us as your internet service provider?

At SimpliConnect, you are our main priority. Our aim is to always provide you with a solution that will meet your connectivity needs and suit your budget. We offer various internet connectivity packages, from Voip, to LTE, to Fibre, to Satellite and more. However we also specialise in implementing unique solutions for our customers for example those with multi-site connectivity requirements or network upgrades to next-gen technologies like SD-WAN or even migrating the family’s Office licences to Cloud-based Applications like Office 365 with device security. As your digital transformation partner, we guarantee that we’ll  find a solution that will make you smile and keep you connected to the latest technologies in the years to come.


We’ve  partnered with the best network operators in in the country Vodacom and MTN Business to ensure that we have the best of the best connectivity to offer our clients. We’ll make sure that you have what it takes to live a connected life!


What we offer:

SimpliMoblie: Work, play, live your best life with our sim-only data deals.Order Online in under 10mins.No paper. No hidden costs. Just hassle-free internet.

SimpliLTE: Offering speeds up to 10 times that of 3G, our SimpliLTE solution provides you with the fastest way to access the internet that is legally available without having to dabble in science fiction.

With a SimpliLTE  Internet Package, you’ll get super-fast internet speeds, a router and SIM card, along with a range of data packages to suit your needs and your budget.

You order, we deliver, and you get surfing and talking immediately with a trusted and stable LTE Internet Connection.

SimplyWireless: Imagine getting high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet access wirelessly. No, this isn’t some fanciful thinking or just a marketing pitch. It really exists with our SimpliWireless trusted and fast wireless internet solution.

With speeds of up to 80Mbps we give you a high availability solution that doesn’t require any copper wires. That’s right, no more worrying about those pesky cable thieves. Best of all, our SimpliWireless solution provides you with completely uncontended wireless connectivity. In human-speak, that means if we say your line speed is 80Mbps, you get 80 Mbps. Join the wireless revolution today!

SimpliFibre: To some, fibre might sound like something you eat for breakfast. But for those looking for super-fast internet speeds, a fibre internet connection symbolises always-on, reliable and affordable internet connectivity.

Our uncapped SimpliFibre fibre internet solution shows you what the digital lifestyle truly is about. With a choice of line speeds, a range of kick-ass add-ons and packages to suit any budget, there really is no other choice if you’re looking for best-in-class fibre internet connectivity.

SimpliBusiness+: As a business owner you understand the importance of having fast internet access. With SimpliBusiness+ we offer you business-grade internet services packaged with a high-quality router and the ability to cater for up to 50 concurrent Wi-Fi sessions. This means you and your employees get to experience the best the internet has to offer using one router and one service provider.

SimpliConnect also provides you with a completely managed service offering and a standard service level agreement to put your mind at ease that your internet access is always taken care of.

SimpliSatellite:Living on the outskirts shouldn’t mean you’re cut off from the world.With SimpliSatellite transform your location into a hub of connectivity-no matter where you are.Be the talk of the town with our affordable SimpliSatellite.




Home Internet Connectivity

We have the best internet solutions to ensure truly connected homes. Our Home Internet Connectivity caters to everyone who’s ready to experience the benefits of an in-home digital lifestyle.


Business capped and uncapped solutions to keep your business connected. We also offer sexy add-ons like Voice, Cloud Communication & Collaboration tools as well as security for all of our solutions.


Voice calling made simple.

Save on your monthly telephone bill by ditching your landline and use your existing internet connection to make voice calls.
For larger businesses move your telephony to the cloud and benefit from managed solutions like hosted PBX and Microsoft Solutions that keep you and your employees connected from anywhere.