Insight Actuaries & Consultants Launches New Podcast: In Focus

The podcast aims to explore diverse perspectives on business, technology and innovation in the health and life insurance landscape.

Insight Actuaries & Consultants Launches New Podcast: In Focus
Insight Actuaries & Consultants

Insight Actuaries & Consultants, an industry-leading consultancy specialising in actuarial modelling, data management, business intelligence, and analytics, announced the launch of its much-anticipated podcast, In Focus, with Insight. The podcast is set to explore the intersection of business, technology, and innovation within the health and life insurance industry.

In Focus aims to stimulate curiosity, promote learning, and encourage dialogue by delving into diverse perspectives on critical issues shaping the industry. This series seeks to elucidate the evolving nature of the insurance landscape and offer actionable insights and case studies that listeners can leverage in their professional endeavours.

“At Insight, we believe that knowledge thrives on curiosity. This has driven our innovative solutions and established us as the go-to firm for addressing complex challenges. Now, we aim to share our insights and foster learning beyond our direct engagements,” says Barry Childs, joint CEO of Insight Actuaries & Consultants. “With In Focus, we intend to draw on our integrated skillset, extensive experience, our network of experts and unwavering dedication to exploring data-driven insights to add value to the broader community.”

Each episode of the In Focus podcast will guide listeners through captivating case studies, thought-provoking concepts, and emerging trends and will feature interviews with leading subject matter experts. The ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the health and life insurance industry, through a focused lens, to stakeholders at every level.

The podcast series is available on YouTube under @insighthealthandlifesolutions and is available on all major podcast platforms;
1. Iono FM
2. Spotify
3. Apple
4. Google

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In Focus, with Insight
In Focus, with Insight