How to use Social Media to get more Leads

How to use Social Media to get more Leads
How to use Social Media to get more Leads

Social Media is a huge part of marketing, and its safe to say we all know that by know. But what became more apparent during lockdown 2020, is how much of a role Social Media played in our everyday lives.

Now admittedly the time we were in exaggerated the amount of use, but it still opened the eyes of many businesses to the cost-effectiveness and reachability of Social Media Marketing. This in turn has led to many more businesses exploring the realm of social media as part of their business, especially here in Africa.

But when one is exploring, it gives us more questions than we often struggle to find the answers of. And a lot of the questions heard were around how to get leads from social media.

Here are 4 tips on how to get more leads on social media:

One: Optimize Your Profile

A lot of businesses setup a social media account, add a profile photo and just go forward with posting. And that is essentially wasted time! As when the users go from your post to your profile, and they see empty blocks and lack of information it speaks to your company’s legitimacy and trust. And not in a good way.

So, make sure you add your correct contact details, call to action buttons like email us and remember to add a link to your website. This will show your company in a better light making your followers or potential clients more likely to dig deeper!

Two: Be Real and authentic

If you copy someone else, you won’t be building yourself! So build your own brand on Social Media! Be real and authentic with your audience as this has been shown over and over to be the best and most effective way to grow as it allows your audience to relate to you!

Three: Plan ahead and Post often

Another misconception of Social Media is that you can post when you want and sporadically. That could not be further from the truth. You need to have a plan! As Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

And social media is no exception! So, plan ahead and post regularly. Use a Calendar or social media scheduler to make your life easier.

Four: Test, Measure and Learn

Fourth and finally, you need to test, observe, and learn. Every audience and brand is different! So test out a design or a campaign. Collect the data given from the social media platforms, analyse it and learn of how you can improve in the future.

The main elements you should be looking for is reach (the amount of people who saw it.), engagement (the number of likes, comments & shares) and results (Leads created, sales made, etc). These will give you the best insight for future plans and posts.

Social media is a constantly growing giant that is becoming more and more useful to businesses as time goes forward. As a business owner or founder, you can build your businesses brand in a cost-effective way. And maybe you should explore the possibilities in 2021.