How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business: 9 Tips To Market Your Products Online

How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business: 9 Tips To Market Your Products Online
How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business: 9 Tips To Market Your Products Online

Many people opt to start an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business as a way to make a passive income source. With this, users who wish to promote a certain product may create content where they post reviews and links that enable potential customers to buy. If successful, these creators will receive a commission as their income.

Here are some tips on how to market your products online:

  1. Learn basic HTML skills

You don’t necessarily have to be an expert when it comes to creating your own affiliate website. However, it does help to learn certain HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) codes and tags to help customize your site. All of which can be found in various sources online such as

  1. Select your niche

Select a topic or a niche that you are passionate about. For instance, if you are a big fan of video games and gaming culture in general, then reviewing different games along with gaming accessories can be a fun yet rewarding experience for you. You can try proven Amazon courses for more guidance on how to choose your niche.

  1. Choose your domain name and decide on a web hosting package after

Your website address is part of your overall brand even if you are just one person. When selecting a name, it helps to pick one that people can easily identify with. Once you are satisfied, select this as your brand identity and make sure to have it properly registered, so you can have your own online space.

After this, decide on which web hosting service you would prefer. Web hosting services offer superior servers and features that allow you to run your site with ease. Remember to compare different packages first before picking a monthly plan..

  1. Install a blogging software

Blogs allow you the chance to create and control your very own content. If you want to project a certain image to your intended audience, then blogging is a great way for you to do that.

One example is WordPress, where it includes SEO-friendly features and mobile-friendly themes that make it easier for search engine sites to pick it up. Remember to also make your site attractive and neat by using stylish themes and arranging content in categories.

  1. Become an Amazon Affiliate

After setting up your site, it’s time to sign up at Amazon to become an affiliate. The reason why it’s important to start creating your site or blog first is because Amazon makes it a point to review your site manually before approving your request.

  1. Create your first blog post

This is where you start creating your first blog post. In your blog software, first check the bottom part of your posting page where a “bookmarklet” should appear. Click on this link then move it towards the Links toolbar (while still holding your mouse) in your browser or your Favorites menu. This enables you to easily blog on a specific product for future content.

  1. Use the Amazon Associates features

Upon entering your account, you will see buttons that will help you create a link. Hover over this to look for Static Links and look for specific items that you plan to review. Select your items and move it to the individuals’ link before proceeding to your Links toolbar or Favorites menu.

  1. Write your review and start building out your site

This is where you’ll start your first content. In your blog software, look for the codes or tags that are labeled Associates Build-A-Link. Remove the filler text up until that point and start creating your content. As for the second tag, this serves as a link to the item you have just reviewed so no need to touch that. Choose the categories that best suit your blog before publishing.

After making your first post, follow it with creating other content for different items and sort it through the different sections you have included in your website accordingly. Follow the same step as above and don’t forget to include sources on articles, reviews, and commentaries. To enable search engines to pick up your content, make sure to use SEO-friendly keywords as well.

  1. Market your site

This involves using different channels and marketing strategies to promote your website to your intended audience. When doing so, don’t be afraid to use social media networks, create online videos promoting your site, as well as join several online communities that allow you to discuss, expand, comment, and review different items with various online visitors.


When it comes to marketing your product on an online platform, certain tricks and tips are needed that not only incite the customer’s interest, but also retain customer loyalty. If done properly, creating an Amazon Affiliate site can be a great way to earn profit within the comforts of your own home.