How to Prepare Your Car for Car Shipping Company

How to Prepare Your Car for Car Shipping Company

First thing first, if you are looking for moving your car from your old adder to your new home, you will have to find the best car shipping company. The car shipping company, also known as auto transport company, are the expert who handle the transportation of a range of personal or commercial vehicles. But, the transportation here does not involve driving the vehicle from one place to another. Instead, the company picks the vehicle from your old home, load it in a multi-car ferrying truck and deliver it at your new home. To ensure that your car is handled safely and delivered in its original condition at your new residence, you need to prepare the car, before the car shipping company’s professional arrive.

Important steps of preparing a car for car shipping companies:

Car preparation can be tricky if you are moving your car for the first time. In this guide, we have mentioned the key steps that will help you channelize your car preparation process for a safe transportation:

Clean the car:

Washing the car to remove dust and dirt is the first step to start the process. The scratches, dents and dings on your car are the home of dirt and debris. Transporting a car with all this dirt and dust will decrease your chances to identify any damages, which the car may have sustained during the transport. So, before the car shipping company arrives, thoroughly clean the car, wash it and wipe all the dirt and dust off.

Clean the interiors:

Just like the exterior, the interiors of the car get dirty with time. Cleaning them is the second step in the process. We also have a number of items inside our car and its cabinet. Such things might break or toss inside the car during the transportation. Anything from air fresheners to audio CDs and loose change must be removed from the car.

Take care of the alarm system:

If you have an alarm system installed in your car, you must switch it off before handing over the car to the transportation company. The car alarm might beep continuously while in storage and will do nothing but irritate the truck driver.

Say no to gas:

While many would think to refill gas in the car, expert car shipping companies recommend avoiding it. The car will be transported and not driven to the new address and hence you do not need any extra fuel for the drive. In fact, with gas in the fuel tank, the car weighs heavier and may be chargeable at a higher rate.

Check the tires:

You must check the tires for the pressure. Whether you are driving a car or it is being loaded in a transport truck, low pressure can cause serious damage. Low tire pressure can cause tire damage while loading and unloading.

Lock it:

Finally, you must lock the car for it safety before the car shipping company picks it up. As no one would be driving the car, leaving it unlocked is of no use.

These are some important steps of preparing the car for the car shipping company. The experts at the car shipping company have special equipment to ensure that the loading and unloading process is smooth. Also, they take care of your vehicle during the transport and deliver it at your new residence with utmost safety.