How to open a bookmaker office using sportsbook software

How to open a bookmaker office using sportsbook software
How to open a bookmaker office using sportsbook software

The sports betting market is an ever-growing industry, driven by the explosion in televised sports, rapid advances in technology and friendlier regulatory environments in many countries. While it’s notoriously difficult to estimate the size of the global gambling industry, to put things into perspective, bets from around the world placed on last year’s football World Cup in Russia added up to a staggering total of €136bn.

As of today, the sports betting market accounts for 70% of the revenue generated by the entire global gambling industry,. And if you’ve decided to enter the betting business, there are two ways of doing it.

You can either open an offline bookmaker office or create an online sportsbook site. Either way, you’ll need reliable and innovative sportsbook betting software.

That’s why, to help you make the most of your brand, it makes sense to partner with the one of the industry’s leading sportsbook software providers.

Setting up an offline sportsbook business

In order to save precious time and money on the initial investment, you can take advantage of the full range of ready-made solutions, that Betinvest had created for you. As a top-quality sportsbook software provider with 20 years of experience, Betinves applied their expertise to developing a robust and reliable Retail offering.

Simple, flexible and easy to integrate, it’s your route into any regulated betting market in the world. This sportsbook platform guarantees your business a flying start and there are two models for operations/ for doing business.

The White Label sportsbook option gives you a license or sub-license globally and/or locally. With the Turnkey option, you can operate with an existing license.

A wide range of third-party products, in line with all the latest sportsbook trends, along with the complete set of hardware for your betting shop, are part of the package your company will benefit from – in both the short and the long term. Whatever your future business plans are, remember you’re also just a few steps away from translating bricks-and-mortar success into a powerful online betting brand.

Create the online sportsbook you’ve always dreamed of

Online betting – and mobile betting in particular – have been on the rise over the past few years. Online gambling in the UK, for example, accounts for 33% of all betting in the country, making it Britain’s No. 1 gambling vertical.

More bettors than ever want action on the biggest events, with the latest odds right at their fingertips – anytime, anywhere. And that’s where the sportsbook management software provided by Betinvest comes into its own.

Customisable design and unique features that will help your brand stand out, ultra-fast and accurate data delivery, automatic odds calculation – you name it, this online sportsbook software covers it.

Stepping up to the Challenge 

And there’s much more in store. Once you pick your preferred sportsbook software system, Betinvest team will make sure the deployment happens quickly and smoothly and your business functions optimally at all times. No downtime or delays – your customers’ bets are settled immediately.

Betinvest take full responsibility for the successful operation, management and comprehensive support of your sportsbook. They also know how important it is to stay in total control of your business – that’s why, team provides 24/7 technical support and the best risk management solutions.

Make sure you visit familiarise yourself with all the options. Whether you’re in the market for an industry-standard sportsbook solution or you’re searching for a more innovative approach, your sportsbook betting brand will be in the safest hands possible.