How to Create a Unique YouTube Banner?

How to Create a Unique YouTube Banner?
How to Create a Unique YouTube Banner?

The design of the channel should be given special attention because this is the first thing your potential subscriber sees. At first glance, it may seem that creating a banner for YouTube is a complex science available to the elect. However, you can even create YouTube thumbnail by yourself on VistaCreate. We will give some beneficial advice here, in the article. 

How to Make a Banner for YouTube?

To begin with, it is worth answering the most important question: what is a banner? This is a normal image that you post on your channel. So, you can make it yourself or take it ready on the Internet.

But! We claim uniqueness and individuality, so it’s worth a little work and making your layout. 

Let’s get down to business! Note a few optional but important points:

  • it is best to use a fragment of your portraits;
  • choose a contrasting background (not necessarily monochromatic, even landscape, if it is appropriate in the context of the chosen subject);
  • be sure to place the logo or name of the channel;
  • you can add small additions that are relevant for videos (for women’s review blogs – cosmetics, clothing, etc.;
  • try to fill the entire field of the banner, but know the measure.

You can use the most popular program, Photoshop. Any version you like. And you need it for your channel to become popular, recognizable, and profitable. 

Banner for YouTube: Placement for the First Time

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Remember – the banner can be replaced at any time! Therefore, having made your first creation, feel free to put it on display to your subscribers. By the way, you can even vote for several options.

So, to place a banner for the first time, you need to click on the blue button “Add channel design”. Next, select the desired image (which you found on the Internet or created in a photo editor) and place it. The page will be updated, and you will be able to evaluate the results of your work.

Banners for YouTube: Replacement

Of course, not everything turned out perfectly the first time. Therefore, the developers of video hosting have provided the ability to replace all elements of the design of the channel.

To replace, place the cursor on the field of the banner, and click in the upper right corner. Select “Change channel design”. Then, in the same way as in the previous section: find the desired image on your computer and download it.

Pay special attention to the functions that are displayed after loading the image. Here you can immediately see variations for mobile phones, tablets, widescreen TVs, or regular computer monitors.

If you do not like any option, you can change it with the “crop” button. Press and change the position as you see fit. There is also a “safe zone” – this is something that is guaranteed to fall into the field of view of the subscriber, regardless of which device he is watching your channel.

Any channel is created for a specific purpose. It can be a hobby, a way of self-affirmation, an opportunity to be liberated or to earn money. So, start right now, and good luck!