How can mobile apps be part of your enhanced Business Strategy?

Using mobile apps is just the next step to take for your business. You’re already using desktop and web software to facilitate business operations, but mobile functionality is something every business should be looking into, big or small.

There are mobile apps for multiple purposes, sales and marketing, communication, accounting, and more. They help employees stay connected, keep your customers/ mobile users connected to you, and give you remote control of your business. It’s like having a mobile office in your pocket!

Your business shouldn’t just be limited to your workstation; it should follow you wherever you go. Your employees should have this flexibility too; being tied down to their desktops to get work done is far behind us. Today, employees can get tasks done and follow up on work from the convenience of their phones.

The question is, which mobile apps to use? Google Play and iPhone’s App Store have thousands of business mobile apps for you. Some of your favorite software solutions like Zoho and HubSpot have mobile versions to use whenever and wherever you need.

After doing our research, we’ve gathered a list of great mobile apps you can use in different business categories.

  • Time Tracking:

Apps: (Toggl, ClockIn Portal, and TSheets)

Keeping track of working hours is important at all times to guarantee billing efficiency and invoice accuracy. However, desktop solutions will only benefit employees at the office. Freelancers, remote workers, or traveling employees will greatly benefit from a mobile app. With just one tap, you can easily clock-in, clock-out, track your breaks, and days off. As a business owner, you can always check to see who is working and who isn’t. At the end of the month, timesheets can quickly be generated using any one of these apps for payroll.

  • Collaboration & Storage:

Apps: (Zoho Docs, Google Drive, and Dropbox)

Storing important documents and sheets in your office is no longer efficient, backing them up on your computer or laptop is still not efficient because your computer can catch a virus or crash and need new software at any time. With Google Drive, you can back up all your business documents, sheets, or videos on the web. Google offers you 15GB of storage for free and a $1.99/month subscription for 100 GB. You can access and control all these files through your phone or any other phone with the app! All of these apps allow for seamless collaboration between all employees and departments. Employees can edit, comment, or share docs through their phones. Dropbox offers 2 GB for free and 1000 GB for $8.25/month.

  • Accounting & Invoicing:

Apps: (Quickbooks Accounting, Square Point of Sale, and Acumatica)

Accounting used to require a whole department to get your payments done or expense reports and receipts straightened out. With the help of web-based solutions, it is all done much faster and it got even easier with mobile apps. Acumatica is a Pcmag choice, one of the best business mobile apps for 2018. You can submit expense reports, approve payments, submit purchase orders, receipts, and much more though the app. As for Quickbooks, no introduction is needed! Quickbooks has been in the business world for a long time. Use the app to create invoices, manage expenses, track sales, and more online accounting functions.

  • Postal Mail:

Apps: PostScan Mail

Even your postal mail can be checked and controlled through your smartphone today! By setting up your digital mailbox, all business mail and packages will be delivered to safe mail facilities, where the envelopes will be scanned and uploaded for you online. By logging into your mailbox, you can control what happens next. Have mail open & scanned, forwarded, shredded and recycled, or archived.

A virtual mail service puts an end to needing a physical mailroom, saves you space at the office, and offers quicker mail handling.

  • Marketing & Sales:

Apps: (Zoho email marketing, MailChimp, HubSpot – Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Square Dashboard)

These are just a few of the marketing and sales tools you’ve got waiting for you! Your phone is a whole new marketing channel to use, whether it’s email marketing, tracking sales leads, viewing forecast reports, tracking customer transactions, or more. It can all be done through your phone in just a few minutes.

  • Project Management:

Apps: (Zoho & FreshDesk)

Both of these software solutions are very popular, if you’re not already using the web version, it’s about time you checked it out! You can easily track progress on projects, complete assignments, and assign tasks with the apps.

  • Communication:

Apps: (Skype, Telegram, and ClickMeeting)

Skype is well-known in the business world for its efficiency in phone or video calls and chat features. But lately, Telegram, and ClickMeeting have been getting a lot of heat too. ClickMeeting doesn’t just let you have video conferences, it schedules meetings for you, lets you stream videos, record, and even share your phone screen.


Every day a new mobile app is created to make one or multiple business operations easier. These were just a few of our favorite mobile apps that’ll help you run your business smoother. The mobile industry is just beginning to bloom and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon!