Highly anticipated book Willing & Abel available for pre-order on Takealot.com

Highly anticipated book Willing & Abel available for pre-order on Takealot.com
Highly anticipated book Willing & Abel available for pre-order on Takealot.com

Just what the doctor ordered: Mike Abel’s inspirational story is a must-read all South Africans in these trying time.

Advertising maestro, inspirational businessman and M&C Saatchi Abel co-founder Mike Abel’s long-awaited book Willing & Abel – Lessons from a decade in crisis is available for pre-order on Takealot.com from Friday, 18 September.

Willing & Abel is more than a biography and certainly more than a self-help guide or inspirational tale. Abel is one of the most sought-after executives in the country, with entrepreneurs and business people keen to tap into his mind to learn the secret sauce of success against all odds.

The book chronicles some of the biggest challenges and lessons Abel encountered in the years leading to, and after, launching multiple award-winning advertising powerhouse M&C Saatchi Abel. In an incredible show of resilience, creativity and agility, M&C Saatchi Abel expanded rapidly, boasting some of the best talent in the industry while doing award-winning work for some of the best brands in South Africa.

“If 10 years under former president Jacob Zuma’s ruinous tenure at the helm of South Africa taught me anything, it’s that opportunities to do great things are always there,” said Abel. You just need the right mindset to spot them.”

Told honestly and warmly, with Abel’s signature sense of humour and humility, news that the book is available for pre-order on Takealot.com could not come at a better time, just days after President Cyril Ramphosa announced the country’s move to level 1 lockdown as South Africa tries to muster all it can to rebound from the pandemic.

The book takes the reader into Abel’s world, whether it is navigating a life-threatening health scare or dealing with business politics and personalities, each chapter in Abel’s life has a resonance of his default worldview: an enduring sense of positivity, trust and belief in the triumph of good.

“This is a truthful tale about hope,” said Abel. “I wear my heart on my sleeve in this book. It is a story about courage and positivity. I get calls and requests daily to meet people to share my story and the experiences that shaped both my life and M&C Saatchi Abel. Willing & Abel is one way that the lessons I learned – often under immense stress – can be shared with everyone, whether they need a nudge to launch their business or find ways to reignite the fire inside them and their companies.”

As South Africa takes stock after the crippling lockdown, Abel is circumspect, with an eye firmly on the big picture. His voice is laced with wisdom passed down through the ages: “Everyone will endure hardship, a pandemic of sorts. Whether it is a failing business or the loss of a loved one, hardship in life is certain.

“The difference with Covid-19 is that everyone experienced hardship at the same time, and my hope is that when someone reads this book over the next few months they are able to draw inspiration and maybe a lesson or two from my story. Nothing positive comes out of a negative outlook – when life gives you lemons, grab some salt and a tequila.”

Willing & Abel is the result of a series of conversations with author Tudor Caradoc-Davies over a period of about 18 months. “Tudor has done a fantastic job and captured my voice and story beautifully,” said Abel. “I couldn’t have done it better myself,” he quipped.

Published by Mercury Books, Willing & Abel is due to be launched in October, after which it will be available in all leading bookstores.

“I’m truly excited for the publication of Willing & Abel. It’s the type of book we need right now after a year from hell, and I think it’s going to be one of the most talked-about releases this Christmas season,” said Tim Richman, publisher at Mercury Books. “It’s told with refreshing honesty and a deep sense of introspection, and is worth its weight in gold for readers who want to be simultaneously entertained, enlightened and inspired.”

Available for pre-order on Takealot.com from Friday, 18 September. https://www.takealot.com/willing-abel/PLID70627320